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Take Control of Your Analytics Ecosystem

The widespread adoption of data analytics often generates new organizational challenges based on the ever-growing variety of people who need to manage, develop, work with, and consume data. Different user groups have different needs and skills, and regulations like GDPR can further complicate matters. As such, organizations need tools that simplify data management and support streamlined methods for delivering analytics to the right users in a secure, governed environment.

Altair SLC Hub provides centralized governance and deployment services for every step in the data analytics lifecycle.

Why Altair SLC Hub?

Easy Analytics Deployment

Use Altair SLC Hub’s simple interface to deploy analytical programs, models, and workflows as scheduled tasks with execution decision rules, or simply deploy them to appropriate internal business users or external customers for shared and on-demand execution. Altair SLC Hub handles programs and models coded in the SAS language, Python, or R. You can also deploy workflows created with Altair® Analytics Workbench™.

Comprehensive Governance

Use Altair SLC Hub to manage users and control access to data sources and deployed applications. The software stores audit logs about all user actions, and its streamlined approach to governing tasks and roles makes it easy to give appropriate users the ability to handle tasks previously considered the exclusive domain of IT and DevOps teams.

Seamless Operationalization

Altair SLC Hub provides a secure solution at the heart of your analytics ecosystem that handles enterprise-wide governance and deployment tasks. With it, you can ensure secure access to appropriate data sources and provide secure data access for all users when executing deployed applications.

Key Features

Simplified Execution, Decisioning, and Scheduling

Create decision pipelines to execute your deployed analytics with Altair SLC Hub’s visual programming tool. Use the software’s scheduling services to run deployed analytics or decision pipelines at specified times and dates.

Expose Deployed Applications as APIs

Build Application Program Interfaces (APIs) with point-and-click wizards. Create input prompts in deployed applications, including dates, numeric values, string values, and more. Altair SLC Hub’s API wizards empower anyone who understands the business problems at hand to build them without needing to know anything about code development.

Secure Data and Application Access

Define and manage users and groups with the option to synchronize via LDAP with Active Directory Services using Altair SLC Hub’s simple controls.

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