Altair Analytics Workbench™

Versatile, visual, multi-language IDE that brings together the SAS language, Python, R, and SQL in one tool

Altair Analytics Workbench™ is a sophisticated coding environment that offers comprehensive support for development along with assistance for building models and multi-language coding, supporting the SAS language, Python, R, and SQL. No third-party licenses or software are required to run your SAS language programs, and Altair Analytics Workbench provides the fastest route to incorporating Python, R, and other open-source tools in your existing SAS language environment.

Why Altair Analytics Workbench?

Empowers Users of Mixed Abilities and Skillsets

Altair Analytics Workbench fulfills the needs of every team member. People with no coding skills can use the software’s visual workflow to extract and transform data from a variety of disparate sources and produce spreadsheets and reports, while expert users can perform advanced analytics tasks using the platform’s sophisticated coding environment.

Maintain Existing SAS Language Programs and Develop New Ones

Altair Analytics Workbench is powered by Altair SLC™ to run workflows, programs, and models. It’s a complete integrated development environment (IDE) for handling your existing code library and developing new programs written in the SAS language.

Incorporate Open-Source Components into Your Environment

Users who want to bridge existing SAS language needs with open-source languages can embed Python, R, and SQL code blocks in workflows or SAS language programs. Users can also exchange and process data between the Python, R, SQL, and SAS language segments of your programs and workflows.

Key Features

Robust Coding Environment

Use a modern, best-in-class IDE to create, maintain, and run programs and to explore data, results, and logs. Altair Analytics Workbench’s coding environments focus on SAS language and Python programming while enabling users to incorporate the SAS language, SQL, Python, and R code together into a single program, seamlessly exchanging data between the different languages.

Visual Workflow Environment

Build workflows with interactive drag-and-drop blocks to provide the perfect combination of low-level data engineering facilities for retrieving, blending, and preparing data for analysis, along with machine learning features that let you build, explore, and validate reproducible predictive models. Enhance workflows with programmable blocks coded in the languages of SAS, SQL, Python, and R.

Data Access

Access virtually any data source, including cloud services, Hadoop, data warehouses, databases, SAS language, SPSS, Parquet, Microsoft® Excel®, CSV, and other file-based data formats with no limits on data volumes.

Data Preparation

Use an array of tools to clean, filter, and enrich data. From simple tools such as filters and sorting, through to optimized binning and a visual SQL query tool, preparing data for further analysis has never been easier.

Data Exploration

Exploratory data analysis tools allow insights into complex datasets through advanced data grids and data profiling. Explore data using tools such as graphing, profiling, and decision trees to gain valuable information about your data.

Local and Remote Processing

Create, maintain, and run models and programs using the SAS language, SQL, Python, and R on the infrastructure of your choice: cloud, on-premises, and hybrid – whether on mainframes, Linux, Windows, and/or AIX servers, or on workstations and laptops.

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