Why Migrate to Altair’s Complete, High-Performing Alternative SAS Language Environment?

In Altair’s alternative SAS language environment, users can do the things they’ve dreamt about. In it, users can run existing programs written in SAS language syntax without needing to install third-party products, incorporate and blend existing programs with modern open-source languages like Python, R, and SQL, and deploy analytics via application programming interfaces (APIs) in real time.

With these capabilities, teams can enjoy returns on investment often within a year, and cost savings of between 50-70%, alongside improved governance features and a modernized, flexible platform that can adapt to teams’ future needs.


The Three M’s: Match, Mix, Modernize

Users can manage migration in phases or as a single project

Match: A basic migration would match users’ current on-premise or mainframe architecture to run existing SAS language programs.

Mix: A more encompassing migration could take advantage of the ability to mix Python, R and SQL with the SAS language.

Modernize: Comprehensive architecture support lets users modernize to the cloud, to a new on-premise platform, or to a hybrid approach.

More than Just a SAS Language Environment

A platform for developers and data-oriented business users

  • Development tools for data engineering, data science, and predictive modeling with workflow and coding facilities
  • Governance and centralized data access control for developers and business users of deployed analytics
  • Deployment facilities for programs written in the SAS, Python, and R languages
  • Deploy programs as RESTful APIs for shared on-demand use
  • Independent users and groups with differing skillsets can collaborate and communicate via a single Workbench IDE/GUI
  • Git integration provides code management and version control between users and between development and deployment environments
  • Handle expanding data volumes with connectivity for big data, mainframe, cloud, and traditional data sources

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