SAS Language Program Migration

With a substantial investment in existing business-critical applications written in the SAS language, you may be exploring options to reduce running costs of SAS language programs and allocate savings towards other technologies. Recoding many man-years of IP into another language is very difficult – and sometimes impractical or even impossible.

Preserve Your IP Investment

Altair has its own fully integrated SAS language compiler. This means users can run and maintain new and existing SAS language programs without needing to install other third-party SAS language products.

  • IBM Mainframe support – z/OS and Mainframe Linux
  • On-premise capabilities – AIX, Linux, macOS, Windows
  • Cloud compatible – AWS, Azure, Google

Move to Altair in Three Steps

  1. Code Analysis: Validate the functional fit of Altair with your existing SAS language programs.

  2. Evaluate: Use Altair software to test and evaluate its function and performance.

  3. Migrate: Move your programs to run with Altair on your chosen architecture.

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