Use Altair SLC™ to Run Your SAS Code in Mainframe Computing Environments

Altair SLC™ runs on all major computing platforms, including IBM z Systems and z/OS operating systems. Running MXG with Altair SLC is fully supported by both Altair and Merrill Consultants.

Altair SLC can operate in batch and interactive on a mainframe for production and development workloads using JCL and TSO terminal interfaces. Altair SLC also supports remote code submission and can exchange data between mainframe, distributed, and cloud installations. This is typically useful where PC clients and distributed platforms make use of mainframe data and processes.

Altair SLC can read z/OS-based SAS DASD data libraries directly and includes optimized connectors for all commonly used data sources, including files, databases, data warehouses, and cloud data stores. This high level of interoperability is especially useful in migration scenarios. Altair SLC ensures that organizations can efficiently transition their existing SAS language applications to a modern environment with minimal risk and expense.

The SAS language is often crucial for mission-critical applications in banking, insurance, healthcare, energy, and government that rely heavily on SAS language applications for ETL, data management, reporting, and advanced analytics.

Altair SLC provides the opportunity to modernize applications by incorporating and mixing programming languages including SAS, Python, R, and SQL.

Two IT engineers discuss benefits of using Altair SLC to run SAS code on mainframe computers.

Mainframe Scalability and Performance for SAS, Python, and R

Altair SLC is optimized to leverage the performance and scalability of mainframe hardware. It enables enterprises running applications written in the SAS language to handle high volumes of transactions, run complex simulations, and perform complex calculations.

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Altair Knows Mainframes

Mainframe computing continues to be a cornerstone of enterprise IT, providing the reliability, scalability, and performance required to handle mission-critical transaction and analytics processes. Some of Altair’s engineers began working with mainframes in the 1980s and the SLC development team has partnered with IBM for more than 20 years to ensure that our customers can harness the full potential of their mainframe infrastructure using Altair SLC software.

Our professional services team is always ready to assist you with specialist advice and consulting in assessment, evaluation, deployment, migration, and management to keep your SAS, Python, and R data libraries running smoothly in your mainframe environment.

Senior IT executive consults with mainframe engineer on best practices for migrating away from SAS code to Python and R.

Cost-Effective Licensing Model

Altair has a flexible approach to licensing mainframe software to make sure that the software and licence work for you. We offer a variety of full capacity and sub-capacity licensing models, and we can account for wider licensing requirements so you can run workloads where you want on mainframes, workstations, and servers on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment – wherever they’re located geographically.

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