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Aerospace and Defense

The aerospace and defense industry is a highly complex and demanding field, where safety, security, and sustainability are of utmost importance. Altair is at the forefront of addressing these issues. As new challenges and opportunities arise in areas like power system design, electrification, and supply chain management and manufacturing, Altair leverages its expertise in simulation, high-performance computing (HPC), and artificial intelligence (AI) to help organizations navigate this evolving landscape. Altair's simulation technologies allow users to virtually test airframes, engines, and aircraft interiors, while our HPC solutions accelerate design analysis and optimization. Altair's AI capabilities drive intelligent decision-making so we can create a safer, more connected, and more sustainable future.

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Navigating Digital Twins in Aerospace

Digital twins can reduce physical prototypes, optimize designs, and improve sustainability, but they can be tricky to adopt in aerospace and defense because of siloed processes and complex real-time collaboration needs. Altair's digital twin solution addresses these challenges with open, vendor-agnostic simulation, HPC/cloud, and AI/machine learning toolsets for cross-functional collaboration.

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Rapid Development for Defense Technology

In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of defense, developing new and cutting-edge technologies is crucial. Altair provides advanced simulation and data analytics capabilities that help defense organizations optimize their designs for performance and safety while reducing development time and costs. With these tools, the defense industry can stay ahead of emerging trends and changing requirements.

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Accelerating Startups’ Time to Market

Aerospace startups are shaking up the market by challenging industry leaders and creating opportunities for agile collaboration with established enterprises. This collaboration is leading to the faster integration of new, innovative technology into proven systems, driving industry growth and progress.

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Optimize supply chain, prevent equipment failure, and streamline manufacturing.

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AI-Driven Supply Chain and Manufacturing Optimization

Optimize Your Supply Chain for Resilience and Efficiency

Designing a resilient, efficient supply chain is critical for businesses to stay competitive. Altair's AI-driven supply chain optimization solution allows engineers to simulate scenarios, identify risks and vulnerabilities, and optimize operations. With Altair solutions, businesses can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction, even in the face of unexpected disruptions.

Plan Maintenance and Prevent Equipment Failure

The cost of downtime in manufacturing – be it planned or unplanned – can be detrimental. Altair data analytics and AI solutions make it easy to monitor equipment health and predict failures in real time. Our solutions deliver the insights organizations need to avoid machine failures and unplanned downtime, increase equipment and production line productivity, and reduce maintenance costs.

Streamline Manufacturing Processes with AI-Driven Solutions

The manufacturing process is often complex and can be challenging to optimize for efficiency and cost. Altair's AI-driven advanced manufacturing and data analytics solutions give businesses the ability to simulate different manufacturing scenarios, identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and optimize manufacturing processes to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

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Advancing Aviation: Power Systems Design and Electrification

Empower Your Power System Design

Altair offers power system design solutions that simulate complex physical systems and optimize performance to ensure safety. Our tools make it easy for engineers to model and optimize new power system designs, minimizing design challenges and maximizing the benefits of electrification and improved aircraft performance.

Maximize Electrification and Aircraft Performance for EVTOLs

Creating efficient, functional electric drivetrains and battery management systems for eVTOLs can be complex and time-consuming. Altair offers solutions that simulate electric aircraft behavior, optimize designs for weight, performance, and safety, and reduce energy consumption. Our solutions cover overall aircraft design, making it easier for engineers to maximize the benefits of electrification and simplify the process while enhancing performance. Learn More

Streamline Power Electronics System Design

Altair's power electronics system design simulation solutions allow engineers to model complex circuits and optimize system performance to ensure systems meet performance and safety requirements while simultaneously enhancing efficiency and reducing development time and costs.

Airframe Design and Optimization

Revolutionize Airframe Design

Altair’s automated design exploration and generation tools help users model and optimize airframe designs for weight, aerodynamics, and safety, while identifying potential design issues before production. Our material modeling solutions, such as Altair® Material Data Center™, also let engineers analyze the behavior of complex materials and optimize their use in airframe design.

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Design Safe, Reliable Airframe Structures

Ensuring airframe structure reliability and safety is a top industry priority. Altair's comprehensive solutions optimize airframe designs for safety and reliability, reducing development costs and time to market. Our simulation capabilities model and identify potential issues, optimizing safety and reliability before production. Additionally, our material modeling solutions improve structural performance and enhance safety and reliability.

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Optimize Complex Systems

Optimizing the performance and safety of an aircraft requires the optimization of various subsystems that make up the complex system. Altair provides an effective solution to model and optimize interactions between airframes and their various subsystems. By simulating the behavior of an entire aircraft system, engineers can identify and address potential design issues and ensure designs meet desired performance and safety requirements.

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De-Risk Certification

The certification process for aerospace products can be the toughest part of an entire product strategy. With Altair® HyperWorks®, our design and simulation platform, businesses can identify potential issues before physical testing and certification, de-risking the process and reducing time-to-market. By optimizing designs for reliability, safety, and performance, businesses can ensure that their products meet regulatory requirements while minimizing development costs.

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Efficient Electronic System Design

Overcome Wireless Connectivity, EMC, and Radar Challenges

Advanced electronic systems for field communications, targeting systems, threat detection, asset tracking, health monitoring, and theater operations require multiple high-fidelity antennas and interference-free integration within a device or system for optimal performance, reliability, and safety. Altair's antenna design and optimization solution addresses these challenges with advanced capabilities for installed antenna performance, virtual flight and drive testing, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), scattering, radiofrequency interference, radio and radar coverage, and spectrum management.

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Automatically Verify PCB Designs Early in Development

As electronic devices become increasingly complex, printed circuit boards (PCBs) are facing design and manufacturing challenges, including higher densities, smaller sizes, and more specialized teams. Additionally, sequential design flows using different software tools and databases can increase revision checks and design iterations, resulting in higher costs and delayed product releases. Altair's collaborative PCB design review solution offers automatic design verification that helps organizations accelerate time to market while reducing development and manufacturing costs.

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Addressing Thermal Issues in Electronic Systems

In electronic systems, excessive heat can result in thermal issues like hot spots and stress. Altair's thermal analysis solution simulates heat transfer to identify potential thermal issues, improving system performance, reliability, and safety.

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Accelerate Service and Design of Complex Electrical Systems

Complexity in modern aeronautical and defense electrical systems is accelerating. Altair's smart electronic system visualization solution provides dynamic visualizations of critical electrical information to tackle development and service challenges. With this solution, users can easily access real-time electrical system data, including structures, connectivity, functions, and component attributes from digital twins – enabling quick, accurate diagnostics. Guided automated diagnostics accelerates development speed, debugging, and service operations, enhancing efficiency and improving product quality. Learn More

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High-Performance Computing for Aerospace and Defense

Organizations including NASA, Boeing, and Lockheed Martin have long depended on Altair HPCWorks™, our HPC and cloud platform for robust, efficient workload management and more. Altair’s tools are purpose-built for a broad spectrum of HPC and cloud workloads plus efficient, high-throughput computing for EDA applications — and trusted to manage, optimize, and measure mission-critical aerospace and defense workloads. With lives depending on quality and precision throughout the design, development, and manufacturing process, HPC supports some of the most important projects on (and off) the planet and keeps them running at maximum efficiency.

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Featured Resources

nasa-jpl eevision rover simulation

NASA-JPL Adopts EEvision's Electronic System Visualization to Accelerate Mars and Jupiter Missions

NASA-JPL engineers adopt Altair® EEvision™ electronic system visualization software to help develop their Europa, Psyche, and Mars Sample Return interplanetary space missions. JPL develops complex electrical systems and wire harness designs for its space missions and programs. Capturing requirements and implementing designs for these complex electrical systems is a highly iterative and cyclical process. JPL selected EEvision to help implement a model-based, requirements-driven process to improve the development processes for these missions and future projects.

Customer Stories

Practical Optimization for Aerospace: Introducing AI/ML Into Aerostructures

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered by Machine Learning (ML) can be used to improve product development and enterprise decision-making in the aerospace industry. Altair's solutions make it possible for you to use AI/ML without writing code, so you don't have to understand how the math methods work behind the scenes.

In this webinar, we discussed concrete and applicable AI/ML solutions that can help you:

  • Improve CAE processes
  • Reduce repetitive tasks
  • Make real-time predictions
  • Emulate engineering expertise

For more details on the Practical Optimization for Aerospace webinar series, please visit:

SimSolid aerospace demo

Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Altair SimSolid addresses these major roadblocks by providing a truly modern and revolutionary solution by generalizing FEA theory with “external approximations” methodology. Join this webinar to hear from Joshua Pennington, Sr. Technical Account Manager, and learn about the benefits SimSolid is bringing to the aerospace and defense industries.


Electromagnetic Simulation for Electronic System Design in Aerospace and Defense

The aerospace and defense industry relies heavily upon advanced electronic systems for field communications, control, targeting, threat detection, asset tracking, health monitoring, and theater operations. These advanced electronic systems often require multiple, high-fidelity antennas. Those antennas, in turn, require interference free integration for maximum signal strength and reliability.

Technical Document

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