Altair HPCWorks solutions enable demanding HPC, AI, and high-throughput workloads in aerospace and defense.

High-Performance Computing (HPC) for Aerospace and Defense

From the roots of aviation to modern concepts like urban air mobility (UAM), aerospace design and manufacturing has grown in scope, sophistication, and complexity. Today’s aerospace and defense technology sector is more dynamic — and challenging — than ever, with both public and private organizations launching satellites into orbit, pushing the technology envelope, and innovating with the power of AI.

The Altair® HPCWorks™ end-to-end solutions suite enables organizations to optimize, analyze, and accelerate the demanding HPC, AI, and high-throughput workloads that make discovery possible in aerospace and defense.

Optimize critical aerospace and defense workloads with Altair solutions for HPC workload orchestration.

Optimize Critical Aerospace and Defense Workloads

Meeting and exceeding exacting safety standards, boosting fuel efficiency, and staying at the forefront of aerospace innovation are primary considerations for every manufacturer. Because aerospace and defense organizations know that personal and national security are always on the line, top performance is critical. Job scheduling software isn’t all the same, and selecting the right HPC job scheduler can make a significant difference in performance. Altair solutions for HPC workload orchestration and distributed resource management enable fast, efficient, secure computing.

Get turnkey HPC anywhere, at any scale, with Altair's state-of-the-art private appliance.

Get Turnkey HPC Anywhere, at Any Scale

Altair’s state-of-the-art private appliance boxes up software, system administration, and infrastructure as a service into a single, intuitive platform. It delivers unlimited access to a wide range of Altair solver software for simulating airflow, turbulence, mechanics, and more, including modeling, visualization, and optimization. Resource management tools are included with every system to orchestrate and optimize aerospace HPC workloads.

Enable always-on hybrid cloud solutions with easy IT admin control and software asset optimization.

Enable Always-On Hybrid Cloud Solutions

More organizations than ever are turning to cloud and hybrid cloud for scalable, affordable computing. Altair solutions for cloud migration, automation, and spend management enable easy cloud lift-and-shift and IT admin control for even the most compute-intensive HPC workloads. By combining sophisticated automation with cloud spend management, advanced analytics, and software asset optimization, organizations can boost efficiency, reduce costs, and improve time-to-results.

“We chose Altair thanks to PBS Professional’s rich set of queuing, managing, and reporting capabilities and the company’s willingness to innovate with us.”

- Joseph Swartz, Program Chief Scientist, Lockheed Martin | Read Story

Make remote access easy with Altair's intuitive user portal.

Make Remote User Access Easy

Researchers and engineers need to focus on their mission-critical work, not worry about job submission and monitoring. Altair’s easy user portal delivers intuitive, GUI-based access to on-premises and cloud computing infrastructure. Remote visualization and collaboration capabilities bring access to expensive, high-end 3D visualization datacenter hardware right to users with a simple, powerful interface that’s consistent across desktop, web, and mobile.

Streamline I/O performance and hunt down hidden performance bottlenecks.

Streamline I/O Performance for Aerospace HPC

Hidden performance bottlenecks can compromise HPC infrastructure performance. Altair I/O optimization tools pinpoint and eradicate trouble spots, find I/O bottlenecks, resolve file and network dependencies, and deliver live system telemetry and I/O monitoring. HPC admins can monitor I/O performance and bandwidth, metadata, CPU, and memory to quickly locate rogue jobs and keep track of what’s running on clusters day-to-day.

Master your chip design and flows and optimize critical EDA tools.

Master Your Chip Design and Flows

Electronic design automation (EDA) tools are a critical component for aerospace organizations that design their own processors — whether because of external chip shortages or a preference for in-house development and quality control — and those EDA tools are expensive resources that need to be optimized. Altair solutions for high-throughput workload management, license management, and license monitoring enable efficient in-house design and optimize resource usage with flow visualization and troubleshooting.

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