Altair® NavOps®

Hybrid Cloud Scaling and Cost Management

Altair® NavOps® maximizes business impact and enables global operations with optimized, cost-efficient high-performance computing (HPC) in the cloud. NavOps works with a broad range of cloud providers and workload managers, empowering organizations to prioritize critical workloads and control operational compute budget.

With an easy-to-use interface and infrastructure-as-code (IaC) support for DevOps, it integrates into any environment. Dynamically scaled on-demand cloud resources impact business needs with detailed visibility and control over cloud spending.

Why NavOps?

Meet Business Needs with Hybrid Cloud

Aligning compute spending with business value is key to maximizing cloud and hybrid cloud computing. Users need clear visibility into real-time and historical cloud usage and costs. NavOps enables cost-controlled, optimized cloud and hybrid cloud HPC for a broad range of cloud providers and workload managers.

Centralize Global Operations

NavOps provides a single view of cloud operations and overall HPC cloud spend, enabling centralized operations using an organization’s preferred platform — including multi-cloud — providing global operational visibility and control to ensure only valuable workloads are scaled.

Enable DevOps with Multi-Cloud Scaling Operations

NavOps is engineered to easily integrate into a DevOps IaC environment, which large enterprises need to deliver services quickly and consistently. Because not all organizations are DevOps-ready, NavOps offers an easy-to-use user interface (UI) to enable guided deployment.

Key Features

Dynamic Cloud Scaling

NavOps enables on-demand cloud resources to scale dynamically. It uses resources efficiently and removes them when they’re idle.

Automation Engine

Users can filter workloads based on budget, then selectively scale them to the cloud instead of running on-premises.

Spending Control

Operational visibility of burn rate (cost per hour) and accrued cost per period (e.g., a day or a week) keeps spending front and center for cloud administrators and systems admins. Estimated cloud costs are visible throughout the NavOps interface.

Centralized Operations

NavOps centralizes cloud operations using an organization’s preferred platform, including multi-cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and OCI). It scales for workload managers including Altair® Accelerator™ and Altair® PBS Professional®.

DevOps Integration

NavOps is engineered to integrate into a DevOps IaC environment via automated installation and full CLI/API configuration and operations.

Latest-Generation UI

An intuitive user interface enables quick, efficient, consistent cloud configuration with visible operation and easy-to-use debugging tools.