Altair® Grid Engine®

Distributed Resource Management and Optimization

Altair Grid Engine is a leading distributed resource management system for optimizing workloads and resources in thousands of data centers, improving performance and boosting productivity and efficiency.

Altair Grid Engine helps organizations improve ROI and deliver better results faster by optimizing throughput and performance of applications, containers, and services while maximizing shared compute resources across on-premises, hybrid, and cloud infrastructures.

Why Altair Grid Engine?

Performance and Throughput Optimization

Obtain higher-quality results faster with industry-leading throughput, share resources more effectively, and improve resource utilization.

Efficient Workload Management

Reduce hardware, software, and data center costs with efficient workload management that boosts user productivity with reduced wait times, higher throughput, and less downtime.

Broad Application Support

Altair Grid Engine supports thousands of commercial and open-source applications in fields from life sciences and manufacturing to energy, machine learning and AI.

Key Features

Advanced GPU Support

Support new frameworks and maximize use of GPU resources on-premises and in the cloud.

Cloud-friendly Features

Easily deploy and scale dedicated and hybrid HPC clusters in your choice of cloud.

Extreme Performance and Scale

Proven in 1M+ core/vCPU clusters to improve performance and reduce time to results.

Monitoring and Reporting

Track and measure resource utilization with comprehensive reporting.

License-aware Scheduling

Share expensive application licenses with optional License Orchestrator.

Broadest OS and Hardware Support

Use your choice of Linux, Windows, and other OS distributions on x86, Power, and Arm systems.