Altair® EEvision™

Smart Electronic System Visualization

Electronic system complexity in modern automotive, aeronautical, and industrial electrical systems is accelerating. EEvision tames electrical system complexity by dynamically isolating and visualizing critical regions. System-rendered displays show up-to-date schematics for system connectivity, wiring harnesses, and component attributes to help development teams, manufacturing teams, and service operations quickly understand real-time critical information in complex electrical systems.  

Digital twin model systems, generated using original ECAD data, proprietary data, or other standard formats, provide smart system visualization and automatic document creation. Users can extract precise information and display it in an easy-to-understand format with live searches that show electrical system functions and component influence, or drill down to specific component attributes linked to the digital twin model.

Why EEvision?


Smart Service with Digital Twins

EEvision enhances efficiency, development speed, debugging, and service operations with guided automated diagnostics at manufacturing plants and dealerships globally using digital twin data.


Quickly Visualize Critical Electrical Information

Go beyond static schematics and drawings – EEvision delivers real-time access to all electrical structures, wire connectivity, system functions, and component attributes from digital twins so users can visualize and fix electrical problems.


Accelerate Development and Improve Quality

EEvision helps users debug electrical systems in a dynamic viewing environment and allows them to easily identify signal paths while hiding distracting components and generate complete documentation books in seconds.

Key Features

Minimize Product Development Complexity

Dial up specific views and easily inspect them for interconnection and causal effects. Link to the next debug view for shorter diagnosis during design and debugging cycles.

Accelerate Maintenance and Service Times

Quickly render problem area schematics based on the specific digital twin model variants: vehicle VINs, diagnostic trouble codes, etc., and reduce manufacturing and service times.

Model-Based Documentation Generation

EEvision automatically generates complete PDF/HTML data books from digital twins in seconds, reducing cost burdens.

Organize for Efficiency

Group components into functions, harness modules, signal modules, or other module types to store information in the data model for smart service operations and automated document generation.

Track Product Lifecycle Changes

Compare different EEvision data models (EDB models) for changes. Quickly understand, confirm, and document product updates or revisions over time, automating lifecycle management processes.

Open and Customizable

Accessible for any environment, EEvisions’s flexible data import works with ECAD systems, proprietary data file formats, MBSE data or KBL, XLS, CSV files and APIs for custom digital twin models.

Featured Resources

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Electronic System Visualization with EEvision

Altair® EEvision™ is an electronic system visualization platform for managing system complexity. Accelerate and simplify product design, manufacturing, and servicing by easily searching a digital twin model to quickly render up-to-date schematics for system connectivity, wiring harnesses, and component attributes. Access information in the cloud or on-premises so teams can view and understand real-time critical information in increasingly complex electrical systems or automatically generate documentation when required. 


Revolutionizing Automotive Service with Digital Twin Electronic Visualization

Automotive servicing is a crucial part of the overall ownership experience, and rapid, effective service is a critical business metric for the entire automotive industry. With accelerating electronic system functionality, servicing cars today requires understanding a complex, interconnected computer system. This article describes the changing nature of modern vehicle maintenance and how digital twin technology applies to automotive or other industries whose products are increasingly digitalized.

White Papers
nasa-jpl eevision rover simulation

NASA-JPL Adopts EEvision's Electronic System Visualization to Accelerate Mars and Jupiter Missions

NASA-JPL engineers adopt Altair® EEvision™ electronic system visualization software to help develop their Europa, Psyche, and Mars Sample Return interplanetary space missions. JPL develops complex electrical systems and wire harness designs for its space missions and programs. Capturing requirements and implementing designs for these complex electrical systems is a highly iterative and cyclical process. JPL selected EEvision to help implement a model-based, requirements-driven process to improve the development processes for these missions and future projects.

Customer Stories

Driving Model-based Design to Accelerate Automotive Electrical Service

Electronic system complexity in the automotive industry is expanding due to increasing advanced features and electrification. The need for automotive companies to efficiently manage this complexity across their value chain, from development to manufacturing and service centers, is essential for design accuracy and cost savings. EEvision offers a Model-Based Design (MDB) system for taming this complexity by visualizing a Digital Twin model in real time. Users can search entire electronic systems to isolate and automatically render schematics for any scenario-specific situation, visualizing only the necessary components, connectivity, and regions of influence.

Customer Stories

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