Why Migrate to Altair’s Complete, High-Performance Alternative SAS Environment?

Maintain your existing SAS language programs and introduce Python and R

Altair’s SAS language compiler lets you write and run programs written in the SAS language without needing to use any other software. Use Altair SLC™ to build sophisticated machine learning, data preparation, and data transformation models quickly. Develop your models using SAS, Python, and/or R code — or use the visual workflow to build models without writing any code at all.

Most customers see productivity gains, stronger governance, better results, and a positive return on investment within just one year, including cost savings of between 50-70%. Overall, Altair SLC is a robust, flexible platform that adapts to your current and future needs.

A young data analytics developer programs SAS code for a machine learning algorithm that also includes Python and R modules.

The Three M’s: Match, Mix, Modernize

Manage your migration in phases or as a single project


Match: Retain your current infrastructure for your existing SAS language programs, whether you’re on a mainframe, on-premises, or in the cloud.

Mix: Incorporate Python and R code into your data analytics infrastructure. Combine existing SAS code with new code written in the language(s) of your choice, or build components with our intuitive, no-code visual interface.

Modernize: Lift and shift your SAS language programs to the cloud, to a new mainframe, to a new on-premises platform, or go with a hybrid approach.


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Complete Coding Environment

Altair Analytics Workbench™ works with Altair SLC to provide an easy-to-use, high-productivity coding environment that’s ideal for developing models and programs written in the SAS language. You can incorporate Python and R into your SAS language programs and develop models and programs without needing to write any code thanks to its drag-and-drop visual interface. Eliminate silos, improve productivity, and reduce costs by providing a single platform where users can connect, prepare, discover, and model data.