Simulation, Analysis, and Optimization of Fluid Power Systems

DSHplus is a simulation environment specialized on the dynamic non-linear calculation of complex hydraulic and pneumatic systems and components. DSHplus is particularly powerful in simulation and analysis of piping systems, especially regarding unwanted vibrations and pressure oscillations.

Why DSHplus?

Reduction of Energy Losses

Energy efficient drives are developed by reducing energy losses in load sensing systems.

Reducing Noise Emissions

Pressure oscillation analysis reduce disturbing noise emissions, excessive component stress, and the risk of system failure in piping systems.

Increased Durability of Hydraulic System

System analysis is used for the development of reliable, energy and cost-efficient fluid power systems with long durability.

Key Features

Pressure Oscillations Analysis

DSHplus provides reduction of pressure oscillations and noise emission in piping systems.

Model Animation

Model animation gives deeper insight onto the system's internal interactions.

Extensive Component Libraries

Component libraries for hydraulics, pneumatics, thermos-hydraulics, controls, and mechanics are available.

Various Pre- and Post-processing Modules

Pre and post-processing provides effective work with simulation. Whether editors or computation modules, sophisticated assistants support the operator.  

Software Coupling via FMI

DSHplus cooperates with many other software tools. A typical mechanism for an interface is the co-simulation.  

1D System Simulation

DSHplus offers a graphic based modelling concept for dynamic, nonlinear 1D-system simulation.