ECAD Extension by BQR

Power Up Your Designs with ECAD Extension: Efficiency Meets Reliability

The ECAD Extension plug-in is a great tool that enables electronics engineers to swiftly analyze their designs as they progress.

Simply select a group of components and choose the desired analysis to identify overstressed components via component derating analysis, predict the circuit failure rate (MTBF), prepare data for Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA/FMECA), and verify Bill of Materials (BOM) data.

Why ECAD Extension?


Organize Your Data

Streamline and organize your analyses (MTBF, FMEA/FMECA) with data taken directly from designs.


Component Derating During Design

With ECAD Extension, you can assign component stresses and do component derating during the design, keeping full traceability to the schematic.



With ECAD Extension, analyses are linked directly to designs, enabling full traceability and transparency.

Key Features

Quick Component Derating

Quickly assign operational stresses (P, V, I), compare rated component values, and identify and replace overstressed components.

MTBF Prediction

Calculate the board MTBF according to one of the following: Telcordia 3 prediction standard, accounting for component stresses or MIL HDBK 217 F2 parts count.

BOM Verification

Review BOM for missing part numbers, reference designators, net names, pin names, and more.

Net Name Formatting

Set meaningful, consistent net names according to IEC63238-1.

Initial Analysis for FMEA/FMECA

Define board functions and function failure modes and assign components to functions and function failure modes.