Electronic System Design for Aerospace and Defense Webinar Series

Aerospace and defense industries rely heavily on advanced electronic systems for field communications, controls and targeting systems, threat detection, asset tracking and health monitoring, and theater operations. These advanced electronic systems often require multiple high-fidelity antennas and their interference-free integration within a device, system or vehicle for maximum signal strength and reliability. This webinar series will explore electromagnetics simulation strategies and technologies to support the development of complex electronic systems.

This webinar series has been designed to address the needs and challenges of engineering managers, EMC engineers, antenna engineers and designers, RF engineers, and Radio site engineers from military contractors (OEMs and their suppliers), defense governmental organizations (including navy, air force, army), and aerospace companies (OEMs and their suppliers).

Featured Resources

Optimizing Antennae Installed Performance

The design of novel antennas and analysis of installed antennae performance on large platforms demands a highly scalable electromagnetics software solution...


Large Platform Co-site Interference Mitigation

Platforms like frigates, fighter aircraft and armored vehicles tend to contain many transmitting and receiving antennas for a variety of electronic systems...


Complex Radome Electromagnetics Simulation in Minutes

A radome is a structural enclosure that protects antennas and electronics from harsh weather and environmental factors without degrading electromagnetic...


RCS and Scattering Simulation for Radar Systems

Innovation and digitization are key factors when designing advanced detection systems, autonomous vehicles, and stealth technology, where electromagnetic...


Designing for Electromagnetic Radiation Hazards Compliance

New technologies such as 5G, V2V-communication, e-mobility and IoT increase the number of electromagnetic field sources in the environment. When designing such...


Radar and Radio Systems Coverage Optimization

Using simulation to predict, analyze, optimize, and plan the coverage given by radio and radar systems is key to reduce development and planning times together...

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