FEMFAT by Magna Powertrain

Finite Element Based Fatigue Analysis Tool

FEMFAT allows you to configure development tasks and production processes more efficiently and cost-effectively. It also allows to identify critical areas in the early stages of development and to simulate processes and connections. FEMFAT offers fatigue life prediction (FLP) of all vehicle components (engine, gearbox, chassis, frames, car bodies, and structures) and machinery equipment based on Finite Element Analyses (FEA). Additionally to consideration of complex multi-axial loadings an assessment of welding seams as well as spot welds and self-piercing rivets in steel and aluminum can be carried out. Components undergoing thermo-mechanical loadings can be assessed considering effects of material plasticity, elevated temperature (oxidation), and creep. Strain gauge measurements could be utilized for simulation adjustment and verification. Nevertheless, FEMFAT can assist you in FLP of fibre reinforced plastics (FRP) and laminated structures. Interfaces for co-simulations and databases are under development.


Easy Integration to Your Workflow

The variety of interfaces makes FEMFAT as versatile as a Swiss army knife.

Analysis Speed and Accuracy

Handling of filters to speed up the analysis on one hand; scientific and highly developed fatigue theories on the other - a perfect match.

Fast and Friendly Support Team

FEMFAT's support team is available to help not only with the use of the software but also to understand fatigue and solve related problems.

Key Features

FEMFAT basic

FEMFAT basic offers analysis of the fatigue life and endurance safety factors for non-welded components based on the results of finite element analyses considering proportional load.

FEMFAT plast

FEMFAT plast considers the effects of mean stress redistribution resulting from loading in the plastic deformation range.


FEMFAT max offers fatigue analysis of generally multiaxially loaded components.


Assessment of weld seams based on solid or shell elements for the fatigue analysis in FEMFAT basic, FEMFAT max and FEMFAT spectral using modeling guidelines.


FEMFAT spot is used for remeshing and assessment of spot joints in FE structures; stress as well as force-based or combined assessment. Works with FEMFAT basic, max, and spectral.

FEMFAT spectral

Receive multiaxial fatigue strength analysis of stochastically excited systems in the frequency domain with FEMFAT spectral.