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Igniting Digital Transformation

Below is the collection of presentations from the Future.Industry 2022 virtual experience.

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Featured Presentations

Digitalization Path Towards Smart Manufacturing
Renzo Mosca | Head of Digital Engineering Solutions, Leonardo

The Transformation Cloud: A New Era in Cloud Computing
Kirsten Kliphouse | President North America, Google Cloud

Fly Me to the Moon
Alessandro Franceschetti | Head of Structural Engineering, Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli Team

Photonics in High-Performance Computing
Dr. Alex Gaeta | David M. Rickey Professor of Applied Physics and Materials Science, and Professor of Engineering, Columbia University; Founder and CEO, Xscape Photonics

Simulation Driven Design, Additive Manufacturing and the Future of Product Development
Peder August Aune | Senior Project Engineer Aerospace, Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace

Requiem for a Data Scientist: How Do We Want To Be Remembered When We Are Gone?
Dr. Ingo Mierswa | Founder & President, RapidMiner Inc.

Open Integration of Digital Twins & Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE)
Dr. Cynthia Dean | Director of MBSE Training and Solution Development, Belcan


Altair Leadership's Vision for the Future

Digital Twin: A Path to Digital Transformations
James Scapa | Founder, Chairman, and CEO
Altair’s strong technologies, methodologies and expertise are fueling the adoption of digital twins that scale an entire enterprise.

An Economical Path to Digital Transformations in the Making: Over 30 years of Drinking our Own Champagne!
Ravi Kunju | SVP, Strategy
Highlighting vital digital transformations while making innovative products and services.

Next Evolution of Twins
Dr. Royston Jones | CTO, Altair Product Design & Country Manager U.K.


Panel Discussions and Fireside Chats

Pioneering the Future of Sustainability Through Better Engineering
How sustainability is changing the product design narrative and making it imperative to transition from a linear model to a circular model.

Innovate to Create the Next Generation of Electric Vehicles
Exploring solutions from Altair Partners that are at the forefront of the electric revolution.

How do Technologies Drive Innovation for Sustainability?
The convergence of simulation, HPC and AI can help companies achieve their sustainability goals faster.

Fireside Chat - Altair Generative Design: Past, Present, and Future
ABI Research & Altair Chief Engineers discuss how Generative Design technology has evolved over the past few decades, and how it is going to transform the future of design.

Panel Discussion: Manufacturing in the Age of Industry 5.0
From process optimization to material substitution — manufacturing is going through an unprecedented transformation.

Implementing Digital Twins through expanded use of Model-Based System (MBS) technologies
For companies to construct holistic, product-level Digital Twins, it is vital to simulate multi-disciplinary systems in an integrated manner. 

Altair + RapidMiner — Forward. Faster.
Two innovators coming together to transform Data Analytics.

Fireside Chat - Developing the next Generation of Innovative Engineers
Clive Hands (Nelson Mandela University) shares his vision of teaching and mentoring future engineers.

Partner Sessions

Visual Inspection AI: Transform Manufacturing Quality
With the Google Cloud Visual Inspection AI solution, manufacturers can easily collect and annotate product images, train and deploy high-quality ML models, and run inspections with a high degree of accuracy on-premises.

Scaling AI at the Edge
Intel discusses what is AI at the edge, its challenges, and what it takes to reach scale deployment.

Levers of Innovation in Advanced Engineering Simulation
AMD outlines their recipe for a future-proofed engineering infrastructure with the levers you need to remove barriers to innovation.

Supply Chain Control Tower for the Manufacturing Industry
Tech Mahindra explains how Supply Chain Control Tower provides data driven actionable insights & recommendations across SCM value chains.

Industry Trend Sessions

Altair customers share, challenge and explore the best practices that will inspire our future.

Breakout Sessions

Discover the power of simulation, applied to our most complex design and development challenges. Learn about practical applications of the latest Altair technology and how to deploy it throughout the product development cycle.

ExpertAI: Enhancing Casting Optimization with Machine Learning
A demonstration of how the emulation of expert know-how through machine learning methods can aid engineers in designing better manufacturing processes.

Don’t Hit the Ground with HyperWorks 2022
Model and setup the conceptual analysis of a commercial airplane fuselage and use integrated ML to run a Design of Experiments to better understand performance trade offs.

Vehicular Antennas – A Ray Tracing Approach
Describing the use of ray tracing to build an automotive centered wireless channel model.

WinProp for 5G Communications
An overview of WinProp’s several capabilities tackling 5G technology.

EMI/EMC: First to Market with Verification and Simulation
A look at common EMI/EMC issues, and how they can be traced back to design best practices, and how we can use rule based verification to automatically check for indicators, saving time and money.

Manufacturing Digital Transformation at Purdue University: Preparing the Next Generation Smart Manufacturing Workforce
Learn how Purdue University's degree for Smart Manufacturing Industrial Informatics (SMII) integrates student learning activities with Altair tools.

Facing the Challenge of Educating the Future Engineer
Experiences from Airbus CTC and the VDI Student Challenge “Mobility goes Additive.”

Teaching the Mindset for Additive Manufacturing Design
A collection of experiences related to teaching around design and structural optimization of AM parts and components.

Development of an eVTOL Finite Element Model for Structural Design, Validation, and Optimization, Focusing on Passive Safety
Highlighting eVTOL’s crashworthiness challenges and how the development of an eVTOL finite element model with HyperWorks researches occupants’ safety and structural requirements.

3D Printed Heat Exchanger for Coffee Machines
Learn how Additive Appliances aims at challenging the coffee machines status quo by leveraging AM at different stages of product development, including final parts production.

A Novel Approach to COPV Design Using Multiscale Modeling
In this presentation we will guide you through making a design in TaniqWind, and analyzing the design using HyperWorks.

VABS Composite Beam Solver in HyperWorks 2022.1
VABS software by AnalySwift provides unique technology for composite beam design, analysis and optimization and now the interoperability between VABS and Altair HW2022.1 has reached the point we’re proud of to represent.

Performance-Based Seismic Design with Building Information Modelling
Learn how The University of Toronto and Altair have been conducting a collaborative research project to make the PBSD more accessible to practicing engineers.

Building an Open-Source Community (OpenRadioss™)
Altair believes that complex and global challenges require disruptive action. That is why we have decided to make the OpenRadioss code base publicly available.

Practical Design of Motor Drive Systems Using PSIM
See how Altair can help you solve unique challenges relating to your power electronics in your electrification development.

Streamlined Multi-physics Analysis of Electric Motors
Learn about Altair's latest solutions of motor design and analysis, including how to use FluxMotor® for motor pre-design and how to use SimLab® for motor accurate multi-physics analysis.

Improving Structural Performance of Electrified Systems
Reviewing Altair solutions for electric vehicle development with respect to structural requirements, including strength, NVH, and coupled electro-thermal analysis.

Numerical Simulation of the Closing Process of a Test Bench Door with Altair RADIOSS
This presentation introduces the analysis of the closing process of a test bench door using Altair RADIOSS.

Realistic Simulations of Comminution and Degradation During Handling Using the Tavares Breakage Model in EDEM
This model's background is presented and a number of applications of practical relevance in industry are illustrated. The path forward to make simulations even more practical and realistic is then analyzed.

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