Altair® HyperGraph®

Unleash the Power of Your Data: Insights, CAE Analysis, and Visualization Made Easy

Altair® HyperGraph® revolutionizes data harnessing, providing a seamless experience for CAE analysis, visualization, and dashboard creation. As a powerful data analysis, data plotting, and data graphing tool, it offers a wide range of capabilities to extract insights from complex data sets. With an intuitive interface and a sophisticated math engine, HyperGraph simplifies the processing of intricate mathematical expressions, empowering users to make data-driven decisions. Leverage its comprehensive CAE analysis capabilities, high-quality presentation output, and extensive customization options to create a tailored data analysis system. From importing and organizing large data sets to interactive dashboards and advanced statistical analyses, HyperGraph is the go-to solution for efficient, impactful data exploration and data graphing.

Why HyperGraph?

Engineers analyzing design iterations on a laptop using HyperGraph's multi-window display.

Uncover Insights, Accelerate CAE Analysis

Discover untapped potential within data using HyperGraph's advanced algorithms to process the most complex mathematical expressions. Its comprehensive process automation tools like its automatic data plot builder and custom math functions facilitate swift, effortless data graphing analysis. Whether you're decoding convoluted datasets or conducting thorough statistical analyses, HyperGraph brings depth to your data exploration.

Engineer observing a waterfall diagram of gearbox acoustic results from OptiStruct via Altair HyperGraph on a computer monitor.

Streamline Your Process Automation

Designed with a user-friendly interface and equipped with a powerful math engine, HyperGraph takes the stress and complexity out of dealing with extensive data sets. Its process automation tools streamline data manipulation and eliminate repetitive tasks. Whether you're importing, organizing, or analyzing data, HyperGraph ensures the process is smooth, efficient, and hassle-free.

Engineer viewing a personalized gearbox OptiStruct acoustic report in Altair HyperGraph, displaying an Order Cuts diagram on the monitor.

Your Data, Your Insights. Customize Your CAE Analysis System.

Adaptability is the key to thriving in an ever-changing business landscape. HyperGraph offers extensive customization options, giving users the flexibility to tailor an analysis system to their unique needs. HyperGraph not only allows users to create interactive visualizations and build advanced analytical models, it also lets users design personalized reports that deliver insights aligned with specified requirements.

Key Features

Powerful 2D and 3D Data Analysis and Data Plotting

HyperGraph offers a complete data analysis system capable of handling 2D and 3D data with unparalleled ease and efficiency. Our robust suite of process automation tools minimizes manual effort and maximizes productivity.

Broader Solver Support

HyperGraph is compatible with a wide range of solvers, including those from Altair's portfolio and others like Abaqus, Adams, Ansys, and more. This provides a level of flexibility that’s second to none, ensuring that you're never limited in your CAE analysis.

Data Format Versatility

HyperGraph can read over 130 data formats. This remarkable compatibility ensures a seamless data graphing experience, regardless of the data format you're dealing with. It includes several test data formats.

Automatic Plot Builder

Our Automatic Plot Builder generates fully annotated plots directly from engineering data. It automatically assigns axes, headers, footers, legends, and curve properties, creating clear, comprehensible charts and data plots.

Extensive Math Library

HyperGraph features a customizable library of mathematical functions. It allows you to add custom-defined math functions to Altair’s already robust math library, providing you with all the tools you need for advanced CAE analysis.

Reusable Report Templates for Standardized Post-Processing

HyperGraph provides access to channels, filter frequencies, and annotations text as parameters in the Report template which helps standardize data analysis and results dashboarding.

Extended Capabilities, Seamless Altair Integration

Connect with Altair's comprehensive ecosystem of products, including Altair Compose® and Altair® HyperView®, to amplify HyperGraph’s capabilities. Seamlessly import, process, and transform data using Altair Compose, while leveraging the interactive visualization features of HyperView for in-depth CAE analysis.

Customized Post-Processing with Command Recording and Playback

By capturing your actions and transforming them into reusable scripts or macros, you can effortlessly recreate analyses, visualizations, and other critical processes with just a few clicks, ensuring consistent results.

High-Quality Report Publishing

Transform your data into captivating visual narratives, including plots and dashboards, with HyperGraph's high-quality data graphing capabilities. Elevate the visual appeal of your reports and presentations, going beyond mere data comprehension to create impressive outputs that enhance the impact of your analysis.

Featured Capabilities

Visualize and Summarize Results with Complex Plots

Create complex plots that consolidate multiple data sets, variables, and visualization elements into a single snapshot. With a single click, you can generate a comprehensive report that visually summarizes analysis results.

Enhance Curve Analysis with Stackmath

Stackmath allows users to easily add and remove math operations in a stack, enabling efficient curve data analysis and visualization. By eliminating the need for manual editing of complex math functions, Stackmath ensures high-performance calculations, optimizing processing speed.

Curve Correlation

Curve Correlation in HyperGraph enables the visual analysis of the correlation between curves or time series data, aiding in the exploration of relationships and patterns in complex datasets.

Empower Analysis with Math Reference in Table

Harness the power of HyperGraph's math reference in tables to uncover hidden patterns and gain deeper insights. Effortlessly perform arithmetic calculations, apply mathematical functions, and conduct statistical analyses.

Octave Plot

HyperGraph includes an octave plot feature, allowing users to analyze and visualize frequency content in octave bands for comprehensive noise and vibration analysis.