Engineer analyzing a vehicle's front frame plastic strain using a contour plot in HyperView on a computer screen.

Altair® HyperView®

Unlock Engineering Insights with Advanced Post-Processing and Data Visualization for Simulation and CAE Analysis

Altair® HyperView® is a CAE analysis software for high-fidelity post-processing. Built for engineers, HyperView facilitates detailed, interactive 3D data visualization and exploration of FEA and multi-body system simulation results. Manage large results files effortlessly and transform your data into comprehensive animations. HyperView's multi-disciplinary viewer enhances user understanding of complex simulations, enabling accurate interpretations and informed decision-making.

Why HyperView?

Door hinge analysis shown in a multi-window format in HyperView comparing various design iterations.

Comprehensive CAE Data Visualization and Post-Processing Solution

HyperView is a CAE analysis software offering a comprehensive post-processing solution that covers all aspects of your simulation results. From captivating animations to informative plots and videos, Altair’s powerful tools enable users to effortlessly visualize, analyze, and communicate their findings.

Engineers view a HyperView report on a screen detailing load, contact force, time progression of forces on the crown wheel.

High-Quality Visualization and Reporting

Superior 3D data visualization capabilities set HyperView apart from other CAE analysis software. It seamlessly interprets complex data and brings precision to simulations. Additionally, comprehensive report generation ensures clear communication and enhanced productivity.

In HyperView, with MultiCore profile loaded, crash analysis results on a truck model are visualized using a contour plot.

Speed, Integration, and Flexibility

Experience lightning-fast 3D graphics, unrivaled functionality, and seamless integration. With support for a wide range of solver technologies and over 130 data formats, HyperView offers unparalleled flexibility and integration. Advanced algorithms and multi-core processing capabilities ensure rapid results processing, even with extensive models and data sets.

Key Features

Seamless Integration with Leading CAE Solvers

Connect seamlessly with popular CAE solvers. The Altair platform supports a wide range of solvers, enabling users to animate and plot results from Altair® OptiStruct®, Altair® Radioss®, Altair® MotionSolve®, Altair® AcuSolve®, Abaqus, Ansys, LS-Dyna, Nastran, Pam-Crash, Adams, ADVC, and more.

Tailored Solutions for Any Domain

HyperView offers industry-specific toolkits to cater to users’ unique needs. Whether you're working on vehicle safety, NVH analysis, aerospace simulations, MBD simulations, or other domains, our out-of-the-box toolkits provide specialized functionality to deepen users’ understanding of simulation results.

Data Synchronization

Keep results in perfect harmony and simplify workflows with HyperView's data synchronization capabilities. Our single application seamlessly synchronizes animations, plots, videos, and Excel-like tables, ensuring consistency and accuracy across all analyses.

Multi-Page, Multi-Window: Freedom to Explore

Dive deeper into models with HyperView's flexible layout organization. Our multi-page, multi-window environment empowers users to study multiple models simultaneously, enabling comprehensive analysis and comparison.

See the Invisible, Uncover Hidden Insights

Unlock hidden insights and make informed decisions with HyperView's powerful result visualization tools. From contour plot, iso, vector, and tensor plots to hotspot finding, our range of visualization options allows users to visualize critical regions and reveal valuable insights.

Interactive Post-Processing

Elevate your simulation analysis with HyperView's interactive features. Explore cut planes, exploded views, symmetry analysis, and annotations to better understand simulations and drive informed design choices.

Advanced Results Post-Processing

HyperView goes beyond visualization, offering advanced results processing capabilities. Interrogate model and results data, generate customized load cases, and leverage built-in libraries to perform in-depth analysis and compute failure indices. Achieve lifelike rendering by overlaying physical test videos and data onto simulation models for an immersive visualization experience.

Automate and Accelerate Workflows

Easily reuse reports with customizable templates, automate repetitive tasks, and generate professional presentations. Simplify evaluation with easy template creation and generate fully automated PowerPoint reports that dynamically showcase animations, looping over results and hotspots from multiple loadcases, eliminating the need for manual effort.

Customized Post-Processing with Command Recording and Playback

By capturing your actions and transforming them into reusable scripts or macros, users can effortlessly recreate analyses, visualizations, and other critical processes with just a few clicks.

Featured Workflows

HyperView - MultiCore Profile

Experience accelerated load times, efficient data selection, cached availability, concurrent interaction capabilities, and specialized plotting and visualization tools.

Hotspot Finder

Discover critical areas at a glance with HyperView's Hotspot Finder, a powerful tool that detects and highlights anomalies or extreme values in simulation results for efficient analysis and optimization.

HyperWorks Command Language

HyperWorks Command Language (HWC) offers the ability to record and playback workflows in HyperView, capturing user interactions through an intuitive command syntax, displayed conveniently in the command history window.

Annotate Model Results

The annotation tools in HyperView – including Measures, Notes, Tracing, Image Planes, and Build Plots – enable users to annotate model results, facilitating effective communication, analysis, collaboration, and documentation.

Advanced Results Processing and Manipulation

Leverage HyperView's robust tools to extract valuable insights, visualize data in various formats, apply mathematical operations, and generate custom plots and reports, enabling advanced analysis and manipulation of simulation results.

Automated Report Generation

Streamline the reporting process in HyperView as it automates the generation of comprehensive, customizable reports by extracting and organizing simulation results.