InfiPoints by Elysium Co. Ltd.

Empower Engineering with Infinite Point Cloud

InfiPoints is a comprehensive software to facilitate the entire process of point cloud utilization. Accelerate your modeling workflows with seamless point cloud pre-processing, automatic feature extraction, and sharing for all.

Why Infipoints?


Digitalize the Physical World and Reduce 3D Model Creation Time

InfiPoints digitalizes the physical world with 3D scanners to bring innovation to engineering workflows – no need to model pipes, ducts, steel structures, and equipment from scratch.


Streamline Your Scan to BIM/CAE Process

You can use scanned factory, building, and construction data for your BIM modeling/CAE analysis.


Leverage Multiple Devices and Formats

Utilize tripod laser and mobile scanners. Also, InfiPoints can import point cloud data generated from SfM technology.

Key Features

Data Import

Import point cloud data from 3D laser scanning without size limitations; view and edit without worrying about data size.

Data Pre-Processing

Easily and quickly pre-process point cloud data from 3D laser scanning. InfiPoints registers multiple shots automatically, automatically removes all kinds of noise, and more.

Cloud and CAD Validation

Detects the differences between the as-built data and CAD data. Ideal for tracking changes over time between the planned construction against the actual environment.

CAD Modeling

Generates 3D CAD models such as pipes, valves, equipment, steel structures, and ducts automatically from point clouds. Export created CAD models to BIM/CAE.

Advanced Outputs

Export results from the planning stage in high-resolution 2D images, videos, or create VR-ready viewers for an immersive experience.

Collision Detection

Real-time collision detection can be quickly observed while manipulating imported CAD models within the point cloud.