Altair® Inspire™ Mold

Injection Molding Simulation

Injection molding of plastics is an established, proven industrial manufacturing process for the mass production of identical components. Inspire Mold provides a modern integrated approach to streamline design for manufacturing (DfM) of injection molded components. Simulation is finally democratized and placed in the hands of designers and product engineers early in the development cycle, enabling easy exploration of options and delivering improved products, reduced scrap, and tooling rework costs.

Understand how the mold fills with a fast analysis, then dig deeper into the process with a detailed simulation of all the advanced physics.

Virtual testing, validation, correction, and optimization of molding designs can be easily performed through a five-step workflow, providing access to evaluation of injection molded part manufacturability that mitigates common manufacturing defects (warping, sink marks, short shots, etc.) long before a mold is made.

Altair offers a comprehensive set of solutions to develop innovative, manufacturable products faster: from the initial design of the part and understanding the injection molding process, to material mapping of reinforced engineering polymers and efficiently analyzing and optimizing the structural and fatigue performance of complex parts.

Why Inspire Mold?

Reduce Product Development Costs

Identifying manufacturing defects early in the development process reduces costly mold trials and reject rates.

Make Better Product Design Decisions Early

Faster more informed product design cycles, with fewer iterations lead to the development of better, structurally efficient, and manufacturable parts.

Deliver Production-ready Tools on Time and on Budget

Transition from "know how" to "know why," assessing product feasibility when changes can still be made through a simple five-step process.

Key Features

Generate Mold Design

Build the initial mold starting from a 3D part design, automatically generating geometry for runner systems, gates, vents, and other key mold components.

Mold/Part Configurations

Test and optimize different configurations in seconds, including multiple cavities, mold inserts, sprue, and runner systems.

Advanced Physics

Supported physics include filling, packing, cooling, and warpage simulation.

Defect Prediction

Easily detect typical manufacturing defects such as sink marks, short shots, air traps, weld lines, jetting, and hesitation.

Fiber-reinforced Parts

Simulate fiber orientation and easily apply results to advanced structural analyses of composite materials.

Access to Materials Data

Data for 60 materials is embedded in Inspire Mold and the Altair® Material Data Center™ will soon be integrated, allowing MDC license holders direct, immediate access to reliable, high-quality material data.

Inspire Mold Workflow

  1. Select Part
  2. Designate/Add Gating System
  3. Designate/Create Components
  4. Setup Process Parameters
  5. Run/Analyze Results

Featured Capabilities

Fast Solver


Validated Accuracy


Fiber Orientation