Maple Flow

Maple Flow by Maplesoft

Maple Flow is calculation software that provides a fresh new approach to the routine task of creating project design worksheets. Engineering design sheets can be prepared to follow the “hand calculations” format without the heavy lifting of working with formulas in spreadsheet cells.

The flexible, white-board layout makes it simple to generate worksheets that are ready for print and are easy to review. Engineers can save time by assembling the equations and design guide references alongside images for easy retrieval. The live math notation allows requirement updates to cascade throughout the calculations, avoiding errors from broken spreadsheet links. Based on the powerful Maple math engine and using an interface tailored to the way engineers use and share calculations, Maple Flow provides an intuitive way to speed up design sheet preparation and updates.

Why Maple Flow?


Save Time Creating Project Design Sheets

Design calculations are added alongside reference material, such as design guide sections, saving time and making it easy to prepare documentation.


Create Clean Print-ready Documents

Maple Flow’s flexible layout supports the use of math, images, and plots, with formulas visible to create engaging technical documents that are clearer to review.


Simple to Maintain when Specs Change

Maple Flow handles equations and units with ease. Any parameter changes automatically cascade through the entire document, so results are always up to date.

Key Features

Flexible Format for Calculation Sheets

By providing a freeform, whiteboard-style environment, Maple Flow allows design engineers to organize and revise content using drag-and-drop behavior.

Mathematically Live Paper

Place math, text, plots, and images anywhere on your workspace. Type in fractions and nested equations straight from a design guide using readable math notations.

Automatic Recalculation After Changes

Any changes you make to math automatically cascade throughout the entire document and to any graphs or plots, so results are always up to date.

Full Support for Units

Maple Flow supports switching up units between imperial and metric and shows full order of magnitudes with your parameters.

Easy To Learn, Easy To Use

With a low learning curve, engineers can easily create new documents, debug the calculations, and lean on a wide-ranging set of built-in application examples.

Track Changes and Manage Version Control

Text approvals from reviewers and signature images can be added. The document can be saved to pdf in print-ready format keeping the design intact when sharing.