Monarch Server: Automated Data Transformation for the Enterprise

Realizing the true potential of self-service data transformation requires the ability to scale, automate, and govern across the organization. Altair® Monarch® Server is a centralized data management solution that automates bulk data processing and report distribution. It allows users to securely publish, collaborate, and share data preparation models, source data, and prepared datasets.

Monarch Server has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and requires no coding, making it easy for technical and non-technical personnel alike to use it effectively. With it, users can centralize their enterprise data and models, automate transformed data delivery, and automatically update third-party systems, databases, and dashboards. Monarch Server’s governed report storage, report generation, data preparation, and analytics delivery features save our clients thousands of man-hours every year, and its scalable architecture supports pooling and failover capabilities that are critical for robust deployments.


Three Modules to Support Scalable Deployments

Monarch Server is comprised of three modules. Users can license each module separately or in any combination to streamline their data transformation processes:

  • Automation: Make repetitive processes “hands-free” with scheduled or event-driven data preparation workflows. The Automation Server module delivers data to users without human intervention and automatically updates systems, databases, and dashboards.
  • Report Mining: Empower analysts to access and extract data from cold storage systems without needing to go through IT. Clients can integrate the Report Mining module directly with third party CRM systems, data warehouses, and other reporting systems stores.
  • Report Warehouse: Create a seamless integration point between text-based reporting and data warehouse initiatives. The Report Warehouse module will update reports new data automatically based on user-defined schedules or report delivery events. It also indexes and pre-mines reports for efficient end-user consumption and helps users effectively analyze the report and its data.

Data Preparation

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Monarch Automatically Processes Four Gigabytes Per Night

France’s Caisse Nationale d’Allocations Familiales (CNAF) social services agency uses Monarch Server to process about 8,000 family data reports each night. Monarch Server’s automation and reporting capabilities saves the agency time, improves its security, and frees up its accountants’ and auditors’ time so they can focus on other value-adding analyses.

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