Morfeo by Cenaero

From Process Modeling to Integrity Analysis

Numerical tools can minimize the number of expensive trials needed during the optimization of a given process. Today, many companies use numerically simulated manufacturing techniques to experience their strategic advantages firsthand – enter Morfeo.

Morfeo is a modular, object-oriented finite element application. It relies on several dedicated libraries written in C++ for mesh management, mesh adaptation, material behavior, finite element features, solvers, and parallelism. 

Morfeo is dedicated to manufacturing process simulation (fusion and solid-state welding, machining, powder bed, additive manufacturing) and lifespan assessment (fracture mechanics, fatigue crack growth, damage).

Why Morfeo?

Advanced Welding Process Simulation

Morfeo gives users a fully transient thermo-mechanical approach for fusion welding processes to predict residual stresses and distortions.

Advanced Machining Simulation

An original algorithmic strategy makes Morfeo's machining capabilities great for performing multi-pass machining simulations.

Fatigue Crack Propagation

Users can perform fully automated three-dimensional fatigue crack propagation in complex assemblies with Morfeo's Xtended Finite Element Method (XFEM).

Key Features

Welding Features

Users can access a library of equivalent welding heat sources with or without filler material using the birth technique.

Local and Global Welding Simulation

Morfeo features simplified simulation welding processes based on a stationary approach for distortion prediction.

XFEM and Level-Set Technologies

Perform advanced crack propagation simulations under complex loading conditions alongside advanced machining process simulations.

Metallurgy Module

Morfeo’s metallurgical module can be weakly or strongly coupled to Morfeo thermo-mechanical for phase change prediction.

Parallel Solvers

Morfeo’s parallelism feature includes both MPI (for HPC infrastructure with distributed memory) and multi-threading (for shared memory).

Staggered Thermo-Mechanical Coupling

Use Morfeo’s transient model for fusion welding and other manufacturing processes to predict residual stresses and distortions.