Altair® MotionSolve®

Multibody System Simulation

MotionSolve is a comprehensive multibody simulation software that helps you easily build and execute complex system models to evaluate the dynamic response of products and optimize their performance.

With MotionSolve, engineers and designers can graphically build system models describing the phenomena of interest. These models can include realistic geometry, diverse loading conditions, linear or nonlinear component flexibility, nonlinear connectivity, friction/contact, multiphysics and other environmental effects. Through time- and frequency-domain simulations of these models, you can develop products faster and ensure they’ll perform reliably while meeting all performance requirements.

Designed to simulate ever-smarter products as system-of-systems, MotionSolve facilitates multi-disciplinary collaboration across product development teams by integrating with other Altair solutions for discrete element modelling, nonlinear flexbodies, CFD coupling, controls integration, and signal processing. MotionSolve reduces expensive physical testing and prototype builds, helping you explore and improve designs as needed. Users can also easily extract loads from MotionSolve for fatigue life prediction.

MotionSolve is an essential, cost-effective part of Altair’s multiphysics simulation solutions, available via Altair’s value-based licensing. Embedded in Altair® Inspire™, the motion module enables simulation-driven design through quick mechanization and analysis during early design stages.

Why MotionSolve?

Predicting Load on a CAD model of door handle.

Ensures Desired System Performance

Quickly mechanize your CAD to predict how the mechanism operates. Study design variation and select fidelity to predict loads for downstream finite element (FE) calculations like strength and fatigue.

A car model with dual axis load analysis

Accelerates Vehicle Development

Lets you easily assemble parametric vehicle models and test them as you would in the real world, and improves their performance by understanding design variations.

Complex process for designing products

Analyzes and Improves Systems-of-Systems

Simulate complex system-of-systems by combining flexbodies, controls, and test data from 3D to 0D, designing better quality products faster.

Key Features


Lets you bring in CAD from most well-known formats and import mesh to define geometries for model build. Also allows you to create basic geometric entities for quick model build through an intuitive user interface.


Lets you easily define contact between parts to capture the mechanics of the system. Supports both analytical and CAD-based contacts.


Supports the inclusion of the structure’s flexibility in many forms, from simple beams to complex non-linear FE. Supports pressure loads and geometric stiffening effects on flexbody.

Parametric and Hierarchical Modeling

Helps you build parametric models to enable quick design exploration. Unlimited hierarchy allows you to reuse sub-systems, and intuitive UI reduces modeling time.

Linear Analysis

Simulates complex system-of-systems in frequency domain and helps you understand the system’s operating frequencies to aid in controller development.

Vehicle Tools

Provides an easy-to-use wizard for quick vehicle assembly. Additionally, features an intuitive LeafSpring builder and Road Graphics, dedicated auto entities including dampers/stabars/airsprings that let you incorporate the right fidelity.


With FMI 2.0 enabled and close integration with Altair® Twin Activate® and other 0D/1D tools, MotionSolve empowers you to easily simulate a system-of-systems. Co-simulation with Altair® EDEM™ lets users model soil interaction.


Close integration with Altair® HyperStudy® allows you to explore designs and optimize them. Native optimization enables quick mechanism optimization.

Python APIs

With powerful Python level APIs for both the pre-processor and solver, you can customize MotionSolve to meet your specific needs.