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AI's Breakdown Lanes: The Three Key Areas of Friction

To succeed in today’s hypercompetitive, digitalized world, organizations recognize how imperative it is to use their data as a strategic asset. Too often, however, data and artificial intelligence (AI) projects run into issues, including delays, mistakes, misalignment, and miscommunications that lead to failure. These issues are commonly referred to as friction and it’s the main reason AI projects fail. In this infographic, explore the three main areas of friction organizations face — organizational, technological, and financial — and the impact each can have.

AI's breakdown lanes: Three key areas of friction.Organizational friction is a major AI roadblock.Technological friction is hindering data and AI projects.Top three barriers to data-driven insights.Financial friction creates bumps in the road.One quarter of organizations struggle with the cost of updating outdated software.Altair commissioned an international online survey of 2,037 professionals.

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