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Cenaero Joins the Altair Partner Alliance

Altair is thrilled to welcome Cenaero to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), where it will offer a variety of its Morfeo software products to Altair customers, including:

  • Morfeo AM: Allows users to predict distortions and residual stresses in additive manufacturing (AM) processes, and specifically in powder bed fusion processes.
  • Morfeo Crack: Simulates crack propagation in a mesh-independent fashion.
  • Morfeo Machining: Conducts multi-pass machining simulations to predict distortion induced by residual stress relaxation.
  • Morfeo Welding: Performs advanced welding simulations to predict distortion and residual stresses.

Cenaero is headquartered in Charleroi, Belgium, and is a private, nonprofit applied research center that provides numerical simulation methods and tools to companies so they can invent and design more competitive products. Cenaero is mainly active in aeronautical design, manufacturing processes, and buildings and smart cities.

With the Morfeo products, Altair customers will be able to better simulate welding, machining, and other manufacturing processes, as well as crack propagation scenarios. Additionally, users will be able to accurately predict residual stress levels, utilize parallel solver capabilities, predict part distortion, and leverage extended finite element method (X-FEM) and level-set functionalities. These features and more help users save time, reduce complexity and hassle, reduce errors and risk, and gain new, innovative product insights. 

“The Morfeo tools will be a great asset to all Altair customers, and will provide them with tools they may not have had access to before,” said Dr. Philippe Geuzaine, general manager, Cenaero. “Users from any industry will benefit from our technology, and will discover how much forethought and consideration has gone into these products. We look forward to being an APA member, and to seeing what customers can accomplish with our products.”

To learn more about Cenaero and its Morfeo technology, register for the Morfeo introductory webinar and visit