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Digital Twin Tech Opens New Avenues for Banking, Financial Services, And Insurance

Many people don't associate the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) industry with digital twin technology, since financial organizations don't work with "physical assets" the way most people think of. But this is a mistake; in fact, the BFSI industry has already widely adopted digital twin technology and finds it critical to their present and future operations. View the infographic below to see the key findings from the 2023 Digital Twin Survey Report Vertical Breakdown: BFSI.

Digital twin tech opens new avenues.Going beyond physical prototyping.BFSI's top three uses of digital twin technology.Digital twin's top three biggest BFSI impact areas.Capabilities allow BFSI organizations to do things.Digital twin technology is prevalent in the BFSI industry.BFSI respondants.BFSI is using digital twin to go green.View the full survey report.


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