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NovaCast Brings Good Guys’ Index Software Tool to the Altair Partner Alliance

Altair is delighted to announce that NovaCast Systems is bringing its Good Guys’ Index (GGI) software tool to the Altair Partner Alliance (APA). GGI will allow customers to calculate the CO2 emissions generated from the production of various types of metal castings. In addition, GGI helps customers by accounting for different conditions, different production methods, and it also allows users to compare different foundries and/or production in different countries. GGI calculates CO2 emissions throughout the entire process lifecycle. GGI is designed primarily for foundries and customers that purchase castings, and has particular benefits for customers in the automotive industry.

The key benefits and features of GGI include:

  • CO2 emission calculation: GGI calculates CO2 emission for different casting processes. It ranges from raw material to the transport of finished castings to customers. In a world where CO2 emission reduction is paramount, GGI can play a key role in organizational decarbonization.
  • Cost calculation: By calculating the cost of production of different casting processes, GGI helps foundries better understand their final product costs.
  • Sustainability planning: GGI uses a range of data sources and algorithms to assess the sustainability of a company's supply chain. The program makes it easy to count raw material, transport of that raw material, the energy mix a supply chain has, the energy impact of all product steps, impact of transport to customers, and more. By calculating all these steps of the foundry process, GGI makes it easier for foundries to optimize and streamline their process and become greener.

NovaCast was founded in 1981 and is headquartered in Ronneby, Sweden. The company also has offices in Bangalore, India and Naperville, Illinois, U.S. By innovation and inspiration, NovaCast wants to contribute to a more responsible foundry industry. The company offers a variety of smart casting simulation tools as well as efficient metallurgical process control systems for foundries worldwide.

“It is incredibly difficult for organizations to become more sustainable if they can’t track and quantify their CO2 emissions. With GGI, we aim to give them the tools to do just that,” said Håkan Fransson, product manager, NovaCast. “Our aim is to give organizations the tools they need to usher in a decarbonized world. Together with high-tech simulation tools like GGI, we can create a better future that features less CO2 emissions and more sustainable business practices.” 

To learn more about NovaCast and its GGI software tool, register for the GGI introductory webinar and visit the GGI product webpage.