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Speaking the Language with a Groundbreaking Acquisition

By Jim Scapa | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer | July 12, 2022

Last December, Altair acquired World Programming, a UK-based technology company specializing in data analytics software. World Programming’s flagship product allows programmers to develop and execute software solutions in multi-language coding environments including Python, R, SQL, and most notably the SAS language. Over the years, World Programming’s SAS language compiling technology has become extremely competitive as over 500 customers employ it and push its development.

World Programming technology exemplifies Altair’s dedication to an open architecture philosophy, as the best way for organizations to harness innovation, improve products, and get the most from their work. Customers can address evolving organizational requirements and embrace modern computing and open-source concepts while simultaneously leveraging the decades of investment they’ve put into the SAS language. Importantly, SAS language programs that have been running on mainframes and outdated servers can migrate to new servers and to the cloud without rewriting the entire code base. Rewriting software programs to new coding languages is a massive, costly, and time- and expertise-intensive operation requiring a significant logistical commitment.   

I cannot overstate how thrilled we are to deploy World Programming technology as part of our growing portfolio of data analytics solutions. The acquisition of World Programming aligns with our vision of an open, connected, intelligent future, and will help us keep blazing our path at the forefront of modern computational science. 

But this is merely a snippet of the story regarding the way we believe it will revolutionize our customers’ products and processes moving forward. To read my full essay on why this is a game changer, read my latest post on Medium.