NovaFlow&Solid by Novacast

Simulation Software for Casting Optimization

NovaFlow&Solid simulates mold filling, solidification, and contains much more. It gives you the possibility to simulate the casting production that you dream to have. Find solutions faster and more accurate than before with this easy to learn and use program.

The time saving comes from switching mesh in the simulation and filling in several steps. Where the sections are thick-walled you use a bigger mesh resolution and for sensitive areas you use a finer mesh. Now, there is no excuse for not using simulation. Shortening simulation time is crucial for all foundries to be able to optimize all their castings.

NovaFlow&Solid can make your casting production more green by letting you investigate and be guided on how to increase your yield and optimize your production process. This will help you save energy, material, and eventually use less of the resources on our planet. NovaFlow&Solid believes in “Every casting count™”, which means working together for a future where casting defects do not exist and you make good business with a good conscience.

Why NovaFlow&Solid?

Save Time

The meshing technology used combines cubic elements with fraction cells that are controlled by the shape of the casting. Up to 10x faster than FDM technology.

Easy to Use

Windows based and designed by foundrymen, the learning curve is very short and typical training is between 1-2 days depending on prior experience and knowledge.

Reality-based Results

Accuracy regarding mold filling and solidification is very high thanks to the finite volume method, especially in comparison with finite difference methods.

Key Features

Simulation for Most Methods

Most commercial casting methods can be simulated, such as gravity sand, gravity permanent mold, low pressure, high pressure, investment casting, tilt, and more.

Most Materials Possible

Gray and ductile iron, steel, aluminum, copper/zinc and magnesium-based alloys, super alloys like nickel or chrome-based, and titanium can be simulated.

Finite Volume Mesh (FVM) Technology

FVM allows the surface of the 3D model to control the shape of the mesh elements on the border of the casting and generates much faster and accurate results.


Use different mesh during filling and later in solidification.

Parameter Optimization

NovaFlow&Solid uses Taguchi methods and traditional design of experiments (DOE) to be able to optimize parameters as well as gating and feeding systems.

All Types of Molds Accepted

The system can use all types of commercial mold and core materials, including exothermic materials, chills, and both foam and extruded filters.