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The goal of any manufacturing process is to perfect the design and construction of high-quality products. With Altair’s comprehensive digital twin solution – powered by the industry’s best simulation, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions – teams and organizations get unmatched end-to-end digital transformation that drives innovation, saves time, and minimizes waste.

Altair's digital twin solution empowers manufacturers with virtual commissioning, simulation technology, digital thread integration, and real-time asset management. By leveraging virtual commissioning and simulation capabilities, teams can optimize manufacturing systems before they’re built, reducing costs and minimizing risk. Moreover, seamless integration of digital threads throughout product lifecycles enables real-time asset monitoring and management, optimizing maintenance schedules and improving equipment.

Altair’s digital twin capabilities in the manufacturing sector also encapsulate lightweighting, topology optimization, multiphysics simulation, model-based development, and more. Looking for a comprehensive guide to digital twin around the world? Read the Altair Digital Twin Global Survey Report.

Global Digital Twin Vertical Report: Manufacturing

An in-depth report on digital twin technology as it’s currently used in the manufacturing sector.

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Digital Twins Boost Barista Business

Altair Helps Gruppo Cimbali Speed Up Innovation and Go‑To Market

Gruppo Cimbali uses digital twins and Altair® Twin Activate™ to create better designs, shorten development times, and increase energy efficiency in their coffee machines. Thanks to Altair technology, the company reduced energy loss by about 20% in one of its latest products when compared to the previous model while also minimizing prototypes, development time, and costs.

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Manufacturing Digital Twin Insights

Cropped image taken from Altair's infographic on digital twin in the manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing Leads Digital Twin Usage

Learn how digital twin has spread in the manufacturing sector and what the future has in store for the technology, sector, and beyond. Read More

Cropped image taken from Altair's infographic on Digital Twin insights.

Why Digital Twin Adoption Rates are Skyrocketing

Learn why digital twin adoption is sweeping industries around the world, and how the technology improves organizations’ workflows, products, and processes. Read More

Cropped image taken from Altair's infographic on Digital Twin adoption insights.

Bridging the Gaps in Digital Twin Understanding, Adoption, and Usage

In this infographic, discover how manufacturing teams can build toward alignment and eliminate internal misunderstandings, disconnects, and departmental silos. Read More

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Manufacturing Digital Twin Central

Digital Twin in Action

Digital Twin for Sustainable Energy

Improving lifetime value of a fusion powerplant using a physics-based digital twin. Assystem is an international engineering and digital services group focused on low-carbon projects that accelerate the transition to clean energy. Assystem is committed to the development of decarbonized electricity (fusion energy, renewables and electricity grids) and clean hydrogen. The Assystem team wanted to leverage the expensive design models to create a digital twin by inputting the sensor data that was livestreamed from the plant, which helps engineers understand the plant's structural integrity and further optimize inspection and maintenance schedules.

Customer Stories

Roundtable: Understanding the Benefits and Hidden Costs of Digital Twins

As faithful digital counterparts of real-world products, digital twins allow you to cost-effectively simulate failure scenarios, implement preventative measures, and extend product lifespans. 

But what are the hidden costs you need to be aware of? 

In this roundtable discussion, we covered:

  • The data pipeline and cloud infrastructure required to set up digital twins
  • Examples of operational digital twins;
  • New possibilities with AI-augmented digital twins

Kenneth Wong | Senior Editor, Digital Engineering
Keshav Sundaresh | Global Director of Product Management, Digital Twin and Model-Based Systems Engineering, Altair
Stan Przybylinski | Vice President, CIMdata


Digital Twin Implementation: A Strategic Tool to Improve Process/Product Capabilities in Sheet Metal Forming

Sheet Metal Forming has different and wide industrial applications (Automotive, White Goods, Aeronautic, etc....). In the metal forming industry, the simulation of processes and the resulting material behavior is of high importance. Important process parameters (e.g., material flow, temperature range, force required), as well as the resulting material characteristics (e.g., strength, residual stress, temperature resistance), can be supported using FEA to replace costly and uneconomical practical tests.

The re-use of knowledge gained from these FEA simulations in combination with data provided by different sensors is the next step towards the implementation of a Digital Twin. Its integration into the IT architecture of a digital factory is inevitable to increase the efficiency and environmental sustainability of processes and products in manufacturing. Therefore the presented project relies on Reduced Order Models in use of Machine Learning approaches as well as an IoT-based dashboard for the combined visualization of actual data and derived KPIs. As a result, the implemented solution enables significant improvement of capabilities in the considered context.

Future.Industry 2022

Digital Twin Platform for Optimized Product Performance | Altair

Digital twins help organizations optimize product performance, gain visibility into the in-service life of a product, know when and where to perform predictive maintenance, and how to extend a product’s remaining useful life (RUL). The Altair digital twin integration platform blends physics- and data-driven twins to support optimization throughout the products lifecycle. We take a complete, open, and flexible approach that enables your digital transformation vision on your terms.

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