OSLO by Lambda Research Corporation

Optics Software for Layout and Optimization

OSLO is a powerful, user-friendly optical design program capable of solving a host of optical imaging design problems. OSLO helps optical designers fulfill their optical system requirements – with it, designers have the freedom to define and constrain systems with OSLO’s open architecture to design the system they need. OSLO is used to design and engineer manufacturable optical systems with refractive, reflective, diffractive, gradient index, aspheric, and freeform optics. Its superior raytracing, analysis, and solid foundation in accurate physics modeling has made it a valuable choice for many designers and a tool that’s widely used to check other programs’ accuracy.


Design Buildable Optics

Users can establish tolerances for their designs to ensure manufacturability.

Easy to Use

OSLO’s menu system and toolbars make it easy for users to define design and optimization parameters.

Trusted Accuracy

OSLO is widely used and trusted to deliver precise results that meet designers’ needs.

Key Features


OLSO features error function generators, Damped-Least-Squares, Lagrange-multiplier boundary constraints, Powell’s method, Simplex method, Global Explorer, ASA, and more.

Lens and Material Databases

Utilize OSLO’s large libraries of materials, catalog lenses, and starting designs, including materials data from all major glass suppliers and over 1,000 starting designs.

Ease of Use

OLSO describes tilted and decentered surfaces properly – no need for extra dummy surfaces in either local or global coordinates. Features a command mode for fast data entry.

Flexibility and Customization

OSLO’s open-source UI allows users to add their own functions for analysis or design.

Compiled Macro Language

OSLO’s complete, powerful C-like programming language, CCL, affords users exceptional speeds of operation.

User-Defined Sliders

Users can define slider bars and attach them to design parameters. Interactively change design parameters and see results in real time, including rays and analysis.