Analysis and Design of Quasi-Periodic Surfaces

QUPES is a dedicated software tool for the analysis and design of quasi-periodic surfaces such as reflectarrays, frequency-selective surfaces (FSS), transmitarrays, and more. Starting from the definition and design of the unit-cell geometry to the optimization of the entire finite-sized structures, QUPES provides the capabilities to design a periodic/quasi-periodic surface in a single tool, thus avoiding the need of using multiple software packages.

A built-in library of commonly-used periodic unit-cell geometries is included in QUPES, making it easy for users to define periodic unit cells. Using the optimization capabilities included in TICRA Tools, the user can optimize the periodic unit-cell geometries to fulfill certain reflection/transmission properties.


Fast and Accurate

Features a vast unit-cell library and efficient analysis of quasi-periodic surfaces in a single tool.

One of a Kind

No other commercial tools exist, and QUPES provides designs with superior performance compared to traditional methods.

Real-Life Applications

In combination with other TICRA Tools products, users can design advanced antennas, such as reflectarrays on CubeSats, dichroic subreflectors, and more.

Key Features

S-Parameters of Unit Cells

Analysis and optimization of scattering parameters of periodic unit-cell structures.

Unit-Cell Library

Predefined library of commonly used unit-cell geometries.

Dedicated Methods

Fast and accurate periodic method of moments for the analysis of periodic and quasi-periodic surfaces.

Advanced Features

Features for multiple panels, holes, planar and curved surfaces, and more.

Large-Scale Direct Optimization

Optimize tens of thousands of variables of quasi-periodic surfaces for goals on primary and secondary radiation patterns.