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Radioss has established itself as an industry leader to evaluate and optimize product performance for automotive crash and safety, shock and impact, drop, terminal ballistic, blast and explosion, and high velocity impacts.

For numerous, diverse industries worldwide, Radioss is a versatile and comprehensive high-performance explicit finite element (FE) solver, based on solid- and fluid dynamics.

It is the standard "go-to" tool to accurately predict dynamic, transient-loading effects on structures and products to improve safety, survivability, and design more robust products.

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Large Nonlinear Motion and Materials

Radioss helps engineers consider the overall system behavior where large nonlinear motion and nonlinear material behavior, with or without rupture, are the dominating characteristics under dynamic or quasi-static loadings with huge geometrical and/or material deformations, like those seen in side crash tests for battery-powered electric vehicles (BEV), sporting goods under extreme loadings, biomechanics under injury conditions, defense and land security under explosions


Irrespective of the vehicle, for more than 30 years Radioss has been accurately predicting crash response to help vehicle designers meet safety standards.


Ensuring the safety of vehicle occupants, Radioss delivers fast accurate results for airbag deployment and barrier effects with human and anthropomorphic test device (ATD) models.

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With more than 17,000 incidents in the U.S. in 2019, bird strike remains a significant threat to the airworthiness of aircraft windshields, structures, instrumentation, and engines. Radioss’ validated bird models and multidomain simulation reliably identify and help reduce bird strike damage.


By applying the Radioss multidomain on arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian (ALE) or Smoothed-particle hydrodynamics (SPH) models, users obtain a significantly faster simulation of full ditching scenarios comprising approach and structural response when hitting the water and flotation.

Ships, Offshore, and Energy

As part of Altair’s full shipbuilding analysis solution, Radioss enables impact scenarios between ships and docks. Its fluid structure interactions (FSI) capabilities give efficient simulation of slamming and wave effects on shipping, tethers and risers on offshore platforms, underwater pipe laying and green energy production structures.

Blast and Bullet Protection

Whether on land, at sea or in the air, effective protection from the effects of accidental or threats from explosive devices or munitions are accurately simulated with Radioss, including terminal ballistics studies.

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Ford Research Center - Interview with Dr. Niels Pasligh

Niels Pasligh from Ford Research Center Aachen, Germany, is talking about his team's challenges and how they work with Altair products to tackle these.


Second Generation AMD EPYC Processors Speed Up Altair Radioss Crash and Multiphysics Simulations

Join Altair Radioss development and HPC solver VP Eric Lequiniou to find out how AMD EPYC processors speed up crash and multiphysics simulations with Radioss.

HPC Summit 2020

From MBD to FSI Complete Firearm Development

These days, in IWI, complete multi physics simulation is an integrated tool in the development of any new product. The motivation is to completely simulate one or two firing cycles as close to reality. First step is the Multi Body Dynamics simulation to check all mechanism are synchronized and work properly. Second is the explicit simulations - calibrating the mechanical properties of the pistol, in that the springs, contacts, materials and gun powder properties based on one firing cycle. The following is to calibrate the Non Rigid Boundary conditions (NRBC’s). This calibration of boundary conditions which are not completely fixed is crucial to understanding the actual strains and stresses on the parts. One of the approaches was to use known data of the stiffness of arm and wrist, implementing this data into a HyperStudy model to compare and calibrate the results based on a slow motion capturing of a real firing. The results are promising, with high accuracy of the behavior compared to a real capturing of the shooting, up to the point of slider getting to the end of its move – where most of the kinetic energy transform into loads on the frame. The following steps will be to calibrate, using the same method, the return of the slider to it’s original position and perform more than one firing cycle.

Presentation by Konstantin Arhiptsov & by Eitan Maler, Simulation Dept. IWI Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) at the ATCx in Israel, Netanya on October 30, 2019. 

Conference Presentations

Outstanding Scalability at NIAR - Advanced crash analysis solution proves twice as fast as leading competitor

To support its goal of accelerating the development cycle, early in 2020 NIAR commissioned a study to assess the scalability of Altair Radioss™, Altair’s structural analysis solver for highly non-linear problems under dynamic loadings. Regular support from an Altair engineer ensured swift familiarization with Radioss. The study was performed on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). OCI with its bare metal HPC shapes that use low latency RDMA interconnect provided highly scalable infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) for Radioss.

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