Altair® Radioss®

Product Performance Under Dynamic Loadings

Radioss is a leading analysis solution to evaluate and optimize product performance for highly nonlinear problems under dynamic loadings. Used worldwide across all industry sectors, it improves the crashworthiness, safety, and manufacturability of complex designs.

For more than 30 years, Radioss has been an industry leader and standard for automotive crash and safety, shock and impact analysis, drop test, terminal ballistic, blast and explosion effects and high-velocity impacts. Recognized across R&D centers as well as companies in automotive, aerospace, electronics, and defense, Radioss enables understanding and efficient, robust predictions of combined multiphysics behaviors in complex environments, such as crashworthiness, airplane ditching, terminal ballistics, or blast effects on vehicles. Exploiting Radioss' advanced multi-processor versions enables the best scalability in the industry for large, highly nonlinear structural simulations.

As a key part of Altair’s simulation solutions, Radioss is a powerful multiphysics design tool with optimization-ready integrations with other Altair tools and third-party solutions.

Why Radioss?

Maximize Simulation Throughput and Value

Access scalable hardware and software with a single purchase to deliver results leveraging Altair’s global industry experience, solvers portfolio, and high-performance computing (HPC) solutions.

Proven Automotive Expertise

More than 30 years of expertise delivering full vehicle safety simulations, including battery pack models that run overnight. Develop better designs for occupant protection and safety.

Solutions for Complex Multiphysics

Delivers efficient, reliable, and robust multiphysics solutions to dynamic problems combining structures, mechanisms, fluids, thermal, and electromagnetic effects across all industries.

Key Features

Material and Rupture Libraries

Extensive material laws and rupture criteria for crack propagation in brittle material like windshields, non-local damage for ductile crack propagation enable accurate and more predictable simulations, optimization, and robustness studies. 

Innovative Element Formulations

Provides innovative composite shell element with delamination tracking; fast parabolic tetra element for fast solutions while retaining high accuracy; and under-integrated shell and solid elements with physical instabilities treatments.    

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)

Provides battery and module macro models for crash events, road debris impacts, and shocks, with and without penetration to efficiently and accurately simulate mechanical failures causing electrical short circuits, thermal runaway, and risk of fire. 

Vehicle Occupant Safety

With access to large library of dummies, barriers, and impactors, Radioss provides the most comprehensive toolset in the industry through partnerships with Humanetics and CellBond while also coupling with MADYMO. 

Airbag Deployment

Provides a much faster and accurate solution for airbag deployment by utilizing finite volume method (FVM) technology. 

High Workload Throughput

By leveraging workload management software Altair® PBS Professional®, Radioss’ jobs can be efficiently managed and monitored on different infrastructures.