RailSafe Dummy by GRM Consulting

Advanced Dummy for Rail and Seating Applications

The RailSafe (RS) Dummy finite element (FE) model supports the development of train tables and seats as defined in the Rail Standard GM/RT2100. This standard was created by the Rail Safety and Standards Board (RSSB), TRL, and DeltaRail, and it defined the Hybrid III RS rail-variant research crash test dummy between 2002 and 2005. The dummy was based on the standard Hybrid III dummy used throughout the automotive industry, with various modifications to the thorax, abdomen, and pelvis.

The resulting device has been used repeatedly and in 2015, GRM chose to develop an FE model of the device to support the virtual development of train seats and tables. The Altair® Radioss® FE model of the RS Dummy is a true digital twin capable of accurately representing the physical device.

Why RailSafe Dummy?


Proven Capabilities

Numerous products have used the RS Dummy to ensure their virtual development and robust in-service performance.


Reduced Development Effort

By deploying the RS Dummy, products reach the market sooner and ensure great performance and confident, error-free development.


Detailed Modeling

The Radioss FE model allows for an in-depth study of how injuries are sustained and enables the development of countermeasures to control them.

Key Features

Accurate GM/RT2100 Injury Prediction

The RS Dummy Radioss model has been calibrated to several usage scenarios and is capable of representing all injury metrics.

Detailed Injury Metrics

The model includes all specific abdomen metrics, plus typical HIII injuries such as knee shear, tibia loads, tibia index, femur load, and head/neck metrics.

Easy Dummy Positioning

Within the Altair environment, the RS Dummy provides simple dummy positioning and model setup.

Robust Model

Qualified over numerous test cases, the RS Dummy includes methods to prevent premature model termination, improving the throughput of design development.

Inherits HIII Calibrations

Built upon the existing Radioss HIII and its extensive industry application, the RS Dummy inherits this dummy’s decades of development.

Pelvis Flesh Flexibility

The flexibility of the pelvis flesh and leg interaction supports the application of this dummy to multiple scenarios beyond the train table arena.