RAMDO by RAMDO Solutions, LLC

Harness Your Variability

RAMDO software works in conjunction with computer simulations and allows it to take into account the variability of input parameters that can have an effect on a design or system. RAMDO’s enhanced analysis provides engineers with an understanding of how variability affects their simulation results, which leads to more-reliable, better-optimized, safer, and less expensive solutions.

Uncertainty and variability in design is everywhere, especially in material properties, load variabilities, operating environments and conditions, and the manufacturing process.

Currently, engineers have many tools to help them model products and systems and simulate how they will perform in operating conditions. But these simulations only tell part of the story because they assume a set of non-varying input parameters, producing a single solution. Imagine if these simulations could be more detailed, showing not only exactly where designs and applications would fail, but how engineers could optimize them with a known probability level and providing a more reliable solution.

That’s where RAMDO can help. By incorporating RAMDO software into your modeling and simulation process, engineers will see how their designs will react for the given input variability.


Minimizing Physical Prototypes

Validate simulation models using RAMDO V&V to know you can rely on the simulation results and minimize the number of physical prototypes required.

Minimizing Simulation Runs

RAMDO’s unique DKG and Variance Window methods minimize the number of simulation model runs required to obtain accurate results.

Achieving Reliability and Reducing Cost

RAMDO RBDO provides a computationally affordable way to achieve reliability targets and reduce costs at the same time.

Key Features


RAMDO Verification and Validation (V&V) allows engineers to statistically verify and validate their simulation models, even with limited output test data.


RAMDO UQ allows engineers to account for variability of input variables and efficiently generates highly accurate output distributions.

Comprehensive Variability Solution

All of RAMDO's features are fully integrated together, providing a comprehensive tool set for working with all variability data and any simulation model.


RAMDO Reliability-Based Design Optimization (RBDO) allows engineers to find an optimum design satisfying target reliabilities in a highly efficient manner.


RAMDO DKG is a surrogate modeling method that automatically selects the best fitting surrogate model, making UQ and RBDO computationally affordable.

Variance Window

The Variance Window method is a unique method that minimizes the number of simulation model runs required to achieve accurate results.