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Accelerating Breakthrough Timelines in Life Sciences

Accelerating Breakthrough Timelines in Life Sciences

The importance of accelerating research timelines in life sciences has been front and center amid COVID-19 pandemic, and it's made possible by high-performance computing. In this roundtable, HPC experts will discuss how they provide scientists with cost-effective compute at the scale required to support life sciences workloads, minimizing disruption to end users while managing some of the world's most critical datasets in the cloud.

Topics will include:?

  • HPC for accelerating pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare consumer goods workloads?
  • Kubernetes and containers and their impact on life sciences workflows?
  • Application support including integration with NextFlow, SnakeMake, Singularity and more?
  • Navigating the cloud landscape: cost optimization, security, support ?
  • Workload optimization including for migration: job level I/O monitoring for maximum efficiency and utilization, dependency analysis for heterogeneous cluster automation?

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