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Accelerating Innovative Product Development for Consumer Electronics

Accelerating Innovative Product Development for Consumer Electronics

In the realm of consumer electronics, rapidly innovating novel products has always been a challenge. Conventional simulation software's preprocessing phase has proven time-consuming, especially when dealing with complex models like full device drops.

Furthermore, the limitations of single-purpose solvers, e.g. separate purchases are required for structural and fluid analysis, have constrained the potential of simulation engineers.

Since 2018, Jabra started using Altair software in product design. By adopting SimLab, the preprocessing efficiency has been improved obviously, allow simulation experts saving time to delve new problem domains. SimLab also functions as a versatile preprocessing tool for fluid and thermal simulations, thus also can be used to solve thermal management challenges. Additionally, the software supports Design of Experiments (DOE) and topology optimization, enabling refined design enhancements. Empowered by Altair software, even a small-scale simulation team can seamlessly address an array of concerns encompassing structural, thermal, and even optical simulations.

Presented by Alice Lin, Manager Mechanics | GN Audio (China) Ltd., at the ATCx Electronics for Engineers in October 2023, 21.4 mins

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