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Bridging the Gap: From Academic Concepts to Industry Applications in EV Power Electronics

Bridging the Gap: From Academic Concepts to Industry Applications in EV Power Electronics

In the rapidly evolving field of Electric Vehicle (EV) power electronics, the transition from academic theory to industry application presents both challenges and opportunities. This presentation aims to bridge this gap by elucidating how fundamental concepts taught in universities are directly translatable to solving real-world problems in EV power electronics, specifically through the lens of motor control implementation.

At the core of this discussion is the application of Altair's advanced simulation software, a tool that has proven instrumental in the development and optimization of EV motor control systems. The presentation will delve into a case study that highlights the use of Altair software (Altair® PSIM™) in designing, simulating, and optimizing a motor control system for an electric vehicle. This case study will demonstrate the practical application of theoretical knowledge in electromagnetics, power electronics, and control systems, showcasing how simulation tools can streamline the development process, reduce costs, and enhance system performance.

Moreover, the presentation will explore how Altair's simulation environment provides a realistic platform for students to experiment with and understand the complexities of EV power electronics. By integrating these tools into academic curricula, students can gain hands-on experience that is directly relevant to the industry's needs, thereby enhancing their employability and readiness for tackling real-world challenges.

Through this exploration, the presentation will not only underscore the importance of simulation tools in bridging the academic-industry divide but also highlight the essential role they play in preparing the next generation of engineers for a career in the ever-advancing field of EV power electronics.

Presented by Dr. Uthane Supatti, Kasetsart University Professor, as part of Altair's Future.Industry 2024 conference.

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Duration: 21 minutes

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