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Cloud Panel: AI Takes to the Clouds

Cloud Panel: AI Takes to the Clouds

Gartner predicts that AI will become more operationalized by 2024. As companies find more ways to deploy AI, the resource requirement for training data-heavy models will yield increased demand for HPC infrastructure in the cloud. In this panel we speak with chip industry leaders and cloud service providers to get their take on the impact and trends they are seeing from companies who are taking an AI-first approach and how it's driving the move to the cloud.

The panelists for this discussion hosted by Altair CTO Sam Mahalingam, are Dr. Bill Magro from Google, Nidhi Chappell from Microsoft, Dr. Vikram Saletore of Intel, Shankar Trivedi from NVIDIA, and Karan Batta from Oracle. The panel discussion is about 43 minutes long, and was presented during the 2021 Altair HPC Summit.

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