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Conducted EMI Simulations of Complex Topologies

Conducted EMI Simulations of Complex Topologies

Conducted EMI of multi-level, MMC, & other complex topologies is a difficult subject to study, one can easily encounter long simulations & poor convergence.

In this webinar, we demonstrate how PSIM's EMI Design Suite combined with our new analysis tools can help make this task easier.

PSIM's level 2 switch models allow for a realistic switch transition to be introduced into the simulation. This transition is based on datasheet parameters and can be modified to match what is seen on the bench or to match a SPICE model. This combined with PSIM's robust solve engine allows us to compare different topologies and PWM schemes and their impact on the conducted EMI.

Additionally, in the recent release of 2021b, we introduced some new 3-phase support and additional filter design options and we will go over these new features in detail in this webinar.


Example topologies:

- 3-level t-type

- 3-level NPC

- 3-phase Vienna rectifier

- Active Neutral Point Clamp, ANPC, primary with full-bridge secondary dual active bridge DAB

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