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EMC Conducted Emissions - What-If Simulative Evaluation

EMC Conducted Emissions - What-If Simulative Evaluation

Until recently, EMI issues could only be identified through time-consuming and costly hardware testing. The solution applicable for a single laboratory prototype often failed to scale to high-volume production. Lengthy cycles of disassembling products, soldering modifications, and retesting were required to make incremental improvements. This approach is costly and time consuming when it comes to tackling EMC-CE challenges.

Simulation provides actionable insights to address conducted emissions proactively. Identifying and addressing root causes with simulation reduces debug time and avoids costly redesign iterations later. Attend this session to learn best practices for leveraging simulation to achieve regulatory compliance with minimized risk and cost.

Presented by Marek Jableka, Senior Technical Specialist Electronic System Design| Altair, at the ATCx Electronics for Engineers in October 2023, 18 mins

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