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Ethics in AI Panel: Shaping Tomorrow's Technology

Ethics in AI Panel: Shaping Tomorrow's Technology

Join us for a dynamic panel discussion on the forefront of AI ethics and regulation. Our expert panelists will delve into the critical intersections of technology and morality, exploring the imperative need for ethical considerations in AI development. Gain insights into the current landscape, potential challenges, and the pivotal role of regulation in ensuring a responsible AI future. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with thought leaders shaping the ethical dimensions of artificial intelligence.

Sean Lang | Automotive Data Analytics Lead, Altair
Merve Hickok | President, Centre for AI & Digital Policy
Iman Saleh Moustafa | AI Privacy Lead, Google
Maria Luciana Axente | Head of AI Public Policy & Ethics, PwC
James Hodson | CEO, AI for Good Foundation
Heng Xu | Director, Centre for AI Ethics, University of Florida

Presented as part of Altair's Future.Industry 2024 conference.

Please note that presentations are in English by default. The following languages are available by clicking on Audio Description AD)) on screen: DE, ES, FR, IT, JA, KO , PT, ZH-CN.

Duration: 43 minutes

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