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Exploring Digital Twins: Common Understanding, Challenges, and Business Value

Exploring Digital Twins: Common Understanding, Challenges, and Business Value

Join Craig Brown, Executive Consultant at CIMdata, Antonio Del Prete, Associate Professor at the University of Salento and CTO at Advanced Engineering Solutions, Maurizio Tursini, Chief Marketing & Solution Officer at Gruppo Cimbali, Thomas Tecco, COO at XLDyn LLC, and Dr. Jan Dolinsky, CTO & Co-founder at Tangent Works, for a panel discussion on real-world Digital Twins projects.

The concept of Digital Twins is gaining increasing recognition, and businesses are eager to explore the potential value of this technology. However, many organizations still lack proven use cases and implementation strategies. Together, the panel of thought leaders from different industries will share their insights into the current common understanding of Digital Twins, show how they overcame challenges before and during their Digital Twin projects, and explain how to identify and include other crucial stakeholders within the company and beyond to maximize business benefits of these types of projects.

The panel will share their experiences and perspectives on the potential of Digital Twins, as well as practical strategies for successfully implementing these projects. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into the benefits and challenges of Digital Twins, as well as tips for driving successful projects within their own organizations.

Presented as part of Altair's 2023 Future.Industry conference.

The presentation is in English by default.  The following languages are available by clicking on Audio Description 'AD))' on the video screen: DE, ES, FR, IT, ES, PT, KO, and CN.

Duration: 32 minutes

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