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Exploring the Power of Digital Twins and Data in Product Development

Exploring the Power of Digital Twins and Data in Product Development

When we talk about digital evolution, smart manufacturing, industry 4.0 or Internet-of Things (IoT) the common factor is data. Whether coming from simulations or sensors, today the challenge is not about having data available; it's more about efficiently and effectively using it. This is a well-known problem among companies trying to distill the needed information from their large data pools. For this purpose, in the heart of any application around data, there are three main steps to be tackled: data preparation, data processing and Result visualization. Data processing is often the phase where artificial intelligence together with the traditional equation-based approach, integrated in a digital twin, help to make the smart use of the data. In this phase, the prepared data are processed with different algorithms to fulfill various tasks: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive or prescriptive. Altair on the one hand is democratizing the needed technology, on the other hand acts as true partner helping and supporting the digital transformation guiding companies in their digital journey.

Presented by Livio Mariano I Director-Global Business Development, Simulation Data and Digital Twin I Altair, at the ATCx AI for Engineers in July 2023, 16 mins

The presentation is in English by default. The following languages are available by clicking on Audio Description ('AD') on the video screen: CN, KR, JP, ES, and PT.

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