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How To Simulate Power Electronics With PSIM

How To Simulate Power Electronics With PSIM

PSIM is a simulation tool that has been specifically designed for the simulation of power electronics. This webinar covers how PSIM can be used for your next power converter design. We show how to get started and some common mistakes that cause new users and designers of power electronics difficulties.

PSIM has a great depth of functionality for the analysis of the power stage with non-linear switch models, scripting, the ability to change circuit parameters mid-simulation, and more.

Control design, analog or digital, with PSIM is incredibly powerful as users are able to perform an AC sweep to determine the open or close loop transfer function on any topology without using average models. Power stages can be designed and imported from RidleyWorks or with SmartCtrl.

In this webinar, we also uncover common simulation issues and will go through a standard troubleshooting workflow for a simulation. We show how users can determine if there is something wrong with their topology, with their control, their understanding of how elements work, or in very rare cases an issue with the simulation engine.

This webinar is useful for experienced and new users of PSIM and our simulation troubleshooting steps will be applicable to any simulation environment.

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