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Pioneering the Future of Sustainability Through Better Engineering

Pioneering the Future of Sustainability Through Better Engineering

From global tech giants to agile young startups, companies are minding their carbon footprint and innovating on ways to build a greener future. With consumers and government regulators focused on sustainability, designers are being forced to consider repairability and recyclability while reducing the number of materials needed when designing new products. There is also significant emphasis placed on removing the use of hazardous compounds in the design of these products. All these aspects are being integrated into existing development processes without compromising product performance, reliability, and cost. Product design is also being optimized with respect to these constraints accounting for the entire lifecycle that integrates development, manufacturing in the early operation stages as well as ageing stages and eventually end of life.

This panel will address how sustainability is changing the product design narrative and making it imperative to transition from a linear model to a circular model by exploring:

  • The role of startups and research centers with respect to designing for a circular economy
  • How to achieve cleaner renewable energy and what part do raw materials play in this
  • The role of digitalization across simulation, AI/ML and HPC in accelerating transformation and achieving sustainability goals including decarbonation and the net zero world.

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