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Practical Optimization for Aerospace Series: Composite Optimization

Practical Optimization for Aerospace Series: Composite Optimization

Composite materials have become the structural material of choice in many industries due to their improved strength to weight ratios compared to more traditional materials. A design methodology specific to composites is necessary to take full advantage of the unique performance and manufacturing capabilities of these materials. This webinar demonstrates Altair’s composite optimization methodology which produces an efficient final design while meeting engineering requirements.

In this webinar, we discuss how to:

  • Identify efficient ply orientations and shapes for a given part
  • Determine the necessary number of each ply to meet engineering requirements
  • Produce a final, fully defined laminate for further analysis and manufacturing

For more details on the Practical Optimization for Aerospace webinar series, please visit: web.altair.com/practical-optimization-for-aerospace-webinar-series

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