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Preparing for the Future Workforce: Upskilling and Enabling Engineers in AI

Preparing for the Future Workforce: Upskilling and Enabling Engineers in AI

The vision of Altair RapidMiner is to enable everyone to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve industry challenges and use cases and to create value from their data. In order to achieve this, the ease-of-use of the software, not only for data scientist, but also for non-data-scientists like engineers and other domain experts, as well as upskilling of engineers and other domain experts in machine learning and data analysis and their application to industry tasks is critical. This presentation provides a quick overview of how the Altair RapidMiner software platforms makes the use of data analysis and machine learning as easy as possible by using a unifying graphical user interface (GUI), an assistant for automated machine learning (AutoML / AutoModel), a visual data analysis workflow designer, a built-in recommendation system for the next best steps in your data analysis, and use-case-specific application templates. The presentation also describes the RapidMiner Academy and Altair's Center of Excellence (CoE) approach for upskilling engineers in artificial intelligence and machine learning and their industry applications.

Presented by Ralf Klinkenberg I Senior Director, Data Science Research, Analytics and IoT Development I Altair, at the ATCx AI for Engineers in July 2023, 18 mins

The presentation is in English by default. The following languages are available by clicking on Audio Description ('AD') on the video screen: CN, KR, JP, ES, and PT.

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